Canoe Rentals for Groups

A great resource for those who want to rent multiple canoes for a group event!

Please note that canoe rentals are currently closed for the season.


Canoe Rental:

$35 per day (includes paddle and life jacket)
+ Lifeguard wages (see below)


Canoe Rental Conditions: 

  • An NLS Qualified lifeguard is present and the cost of their wage (at a rate of $18/hr) is covered by the renter and will remain with the group at all times. Number of lifeguards required is determined based on group size. 
  • PFDs must be worn by all participants while on the docks and on the water.
  • Canoes must remain on the Otonabee River in the local area around Trent University, and cannot be transported to other areas.
  • Ideally 2 people per canoe, maximum of 3 people per canoe when needed.
  • There are 10 canoes available for rental by a group
  • Renters must respect the rights of private property owners, and other river users.
  • Do not swim or dive from the canoes.
  • Alcohol and smoking/vaping are prohibited in the canoes.
  • Remain seated while in the canoes.
  • Canoes must be handled carefully when entering and exiting the water to avoid damage.


Replacement costs if equipment is lost or damaged: 

  • Canoe: $1,000 
  • Paddle: $50
  • PFD: $40 
  • Safety Kit: $25 


To inquire about renting canoes for your group from the Trent Athletics Centre, please contact and cc: