Group Fitness Programs

All Drop-in Group Fitness Classes are Free for Trent Students and Members!

All Athletics Centre memberships come with unlimited access to a wide variety of fitness classes to accommodate a range of skills, interests, and age groups! Our certified and knowledgeable instructors can help you meet your health and wellness goals through fun and inspiring workouts. Attend a variety of classes to find what you like best.

Drop-in fitness classes are 45-55 minutes in length unless otherwise specified. Classes run on a first-come, first-served basis. During peak times, sign-ups for over subscribed classes may be required. Please refer to the current Group Fitness Schedule for a complete listing of classes and times.



With alternating segments of aerobic and muscle conditioning, this high-energy class will push you to new limits. This is a high-intensity workout designed to challenge your whole body.



Equipment and body weight exercises to condition and strengthen your core muscles in a fun, high energy class. This class is designed for all experience levels, and helps you focus on this critical part of your body that connects to overall well being! 



Improve your overall strength, endurance, power and coordination in this all out total body class. Maximum fitness through short intense efforts followed by short recovery periods.



Get ready to sweat with high intensity interval training on the bike! Enjoy our new spin bikes and push yourself in these fun classes. This cardio based workout is suitable for all fitness levels. Cycle through a series of flat roads, hills and sprints and challenge yourself to go the distance!


Sculpt & Burn

Get your full body pump on with this 55 minute well rounded workout. This time based, challenge by choice workout is perfect for beginners to experienced fitness participants. A blend of resistance training, core and stability, with a hint of HIIT cardiovascular activities. Bring your water bottle, running shoes, and your A-game. 


Cardio & Core

A cardio-based class designed to build core muscle groups while improving posture through a variety of exercises that strengthen abs, back and buttocks. The workouts in this class are always changing and use a variety of equipment from bikes, stability balls and steps to weights, bars and bodyweight exercises. A fun challenging sweat that improves strength, balance and core. 


Simply Strength

Define and refine in this all strength conditioning class. Improve your technique; while exploring a variety of strength training options from body weight, bars, weights, bands and balls.


Strength & Stretch

Strength and stretch focuses on improving muscular strength, length and flexibility. Using core stability to promote and enhance daily activities. This program is great for all fitness levels.



SoulBody Barre Unhitched is a barre class with a twist. Instead of a traditional barre at the side of the room, you have a weighted bar which you use to perform a variety of strengthening and stretching exercises, with the aim of creating better balance, definition and posture. The second half of class will use the wall mounted bar. All of this is paired with great music and choreography to keep it fun and energizing.


Nia Technique

This class combines Jazz, Modern and Duncan Dance with Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Tai Chi, and the Healing Arts of: Feldenkreis Method & Alexander Technique. Promoting overall conditioning through cardiovascular fitness while tapping into stamina, coordination, agility, flexibility, and balance to experience peace, strength and acceptance - the pathway to the Inner Journey.



Zumba mixes low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Set to Latin and world music, the rhythms will take over you. Grab a friend and join in!


Belly Dancing

While working to both isolate and combine multi-directional movements of various muscle groups participants experience improved coordination, muscle tone, posture, digestion and a general feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation.  This class is designed for all levels as participants are given opportunities to work at their own pace by building on a repertoire of movements which will be reviewed and expanded upon each week


Gentle Yoga

Relax, breathe, stretch and tone in this joyful class offered for those who seek a more gentler yoga practice, or for those new to or returning to yoga.  


Hatha Yoga

A beginner to intermediate yoga class that includes a series of yoga postures, breathing exercises and mindfulness to help bring balance to mind, body and spirit.


Restorative Yoga

Restorative poses help relieve chronic stress while releasing deep tensions from the body and mind. With a component of mindfulness, postures are held for longer, transitions are slowed down, and the body is opened through passive stretches. Postures are sometimes supported through the use of props. A great class for all levels.   


Vinyasa Yoga

Combine movement with awareness of breath in this flowing gentle vinyasa practice. This class will move through a dynamic sequence of poses designed to increase overall connection to breath while stretching, strengthening and balancing the body.


Pilates - Mat Class

Each class will guide you through core based exercises that help to improve fitness and prevent injuries. Full body strength and flexibility helps to relieve pain, unlock tight muscles and joints, strengthen your core postural muscles and create a youthful feeling in the body.


Power Pilates

Using a variety of movements from Mat Pilates & Vinyasa Yoga this class focuses on the hip girdle: stretching the psoas, piriformis and sciatic regions, while strengthening the lower back, abs and legs.


Power Hips

Using a variety of movements from Mat Pilates & Vinyasa Yoga this class focuses on the hip girdle: stretching the psoas, piriformis and sciatic regions, while strengthening the lower back, abs and legs.