As an ideas hub, the Centre for Teaching and Learning features educational improvements, research on pedagogy and andragogy, the infusion of low and high technologies that enhance student learning experiences, as well as great teaching ideas! 

Through the Centre for Teaching and Learning, a host of professional learning opportunities are available to all members of the Trent teaching community  - encompassing instructors, graduate students, departments, staff and administrators - through events including but not limited to workshops, panel discussions, our lunch & learn series and individual consultations.  

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is pleased to offer teaching supports on a wide array of topics including curriculum development & learning outcomes, assessments practices, teaching portfolios, course design, pedagogy discussions, active learning strategies, educational technology applications, and educational leadership opportunities.  

Recognizing the legacy of outstanding instructors who bring innovation and inspiration to our students inside and outside the classroom, is critical to the Centre for Teaching and Learning’s mission.  The Centre plays an integral role in recognizing those in the Trent community who contribute to the teaching that Trent University is renowned for. 

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is responsible for overseeing the nomination and selection process of several internal teaching awards as well as a growing number of external awards.  Each spring, recipients of these awards are formally acknowledged at the Celebration of Teaching Excellence.

The Showcase Series features staff, students and faculty highlighting the uniqueness of the work they do and how it contributes to great learning opportunities for students.

It is important to know that the Centre for Teaching and Learning is a university-wide service that welcomes all instructors to work with us.  No referrals of any kind are required and everything is held confidential.

The Centre is newly housed at Trent’s hub for learning – the Bata Library.