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Centre for Teaching & Learning

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Centre for Teaching & Learning


The Centre for Teaching and Learning is excited to offer a compilation of events broken down into:

  • Professional Learning workshops,
  • Communities of Practice,
  • First Year Caucus meetings,
  • Panel Discussions and
  • Scholars Table gatherings.  

Click on the Professional Learning Events link on the right, to view offerings in a single category.  

* Depending on the time of the session, refreshments or a light lunch will be provided for sessions.

** Please be sure to register for events to ensure adequate supplies and refreshments are available.


The brochure is available as a pdf as well:  2018 Winter Term Schedule of Events

* - Qualify for GTA Certificate


If you have ideas for a workshop, event, presentation, panel discussion or other event, please feel free to email the Centre for Teaching and Learning

For more information about the Centre for Teaching and Learning or events, please contact teaching@trentu.ca.