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Parking Regulations

NEW!  Avoid the stress of looking for parking spots in high volume lots by planning your commute using our new interactive parking map (link).  You can click on any Symons Campus building to display the average walking times to each parking lot.​

Parking Regulations

Trent University has the authority under the Trent University Act to regulate parking for safe, orderly and equitable use on all properties owned, leased or rented by the University. The University grounds are private property, giving the University the right to take action against violators of the parking and traffic regulations.  Please remember that the parking of a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege, which may be withdrawn at any time by Trent University.

It is the responsibility of the owner or operator of a vehicle to know and comply with these regulations.  A vehicle’s third unpaid violation at Trent will include a wheel clamp/tow warning.  If there is fourth unpaid violation, a wheel clamp will be affixed to the driver’s side front wheel of the vehicle.  In the event all clamps are in use or the vehicle is parked unsafely or in a manner that blocks access or egress of other vehicles, the vehicle will be towed. 

Parking - Trent University - Durham

Students and staff must fill out an application to receive a parking pass that shall be displayed in their vehicle at all times. Parking passes may be obtained in the Main Office, Room 101, Trent Durham.

Information Regarding the use of Wheel Clamps at Trent

Parking and Traffic Regulations Quick Links

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Permits Trent parking lot
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Special Event Parking   
Parking FAQ's 

Parking and Traffic Regulations

1. General

  1. The lands and grounds of Trent University are PRIVATE PROPERTY. The University reserves the right to control motor vehicle access, parking and driving on all of its property. All Regulations, Provincial Laws and Municipal Bylaws may be invoked by Trent University at any time for the purpose of preventing unauthorized parking, unsafe vehicle operation and ensuring access to fire routes.
  2. Trent University shall not be held responsible for any loss (including contents) or damage to motor vehicles, or personal injuries however caused. Losses, damage and/or injuries should be reported to the Security Office. The issuance of a permit to park only constitutes permission to park in a designated area. Persons using access roads and parking areas do so at their own risk and are urged to use all necessary care.
  3. That the University does not insist upon strict compliance with any regulation contained herein in any one or more instances shall not be interpreted as a waiver for the future enforcement of any such regulations.
  4. Trent University reserves the right to amend parking and traffic regulations from time to time.
  5. Parking and traffic regulations are in effect at all times, 24/7 365 days a year.
  6. Persons operating motor vehicles on campus must obey all posted traffic and parking signs.  The speed limit on all campus roads is 40 km/hr. The speed limit is 20 km/hr in all campus parking lots.
  7.  Parking is permitted in designated areas only, as indicated by lot signs. All other areas, whether signed or not, are "no parking" zones. This includes road shoulders, grassed areas, sidewalks, interlock bricked areas and any other area that is not specifically designated as a parking area. 
  8.  All vehicles, including motorcycles, must be properly aligned between stall lines. The fact that other vehicles are parked improperly shall not constitute a valid appeal for parking improperly. 
  9. The University reserves the right to suspend parking privileges temporarily in any area for special events, emergencies, or ongoing construction. The Parking Office should be contacted for alternative arrangement.
  10. Parking between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM from September 1 to April 30 is limited to lot P. Persons with valid reasons to park elsewhere on campus during this time period are to contact the Parking Office. Overnight parking restrictions do not apply to accessible or service permit holders.
  11. All vehicles on Trent property must possess a valid licence plate. Vehicles without a valid licence plate will be towed.
  12. The University reserves the right to exclude any person or motor vehicle from University property.
  13. Camping or sleeping overnight in vehicles parked on Trent property is prohibited.

2. Permits

  1. All vehicles parked on Trent property must purchase a valid parking permit for the lot and space in which the vehicle is parked. Patrons must enter the correct licence plate. 
  2. All parking permits are issued by, and remain the property of, Trent University. They are solely for the use of the party or parties (in the case of carpools) to whom they are issued and for the purpose for which they were issued. Transfer by sale or exchange renders the permit invalid. Unauthorized use will result in confiscation of the permit and the issuance of a parking policy violation fee. In addition, the vehicle may be clamped or towed and parking privileges suspended.
  3. Patrons must register and buy permits on-line. Payment may be made on-line or at the Parking and Security Office in Blackburn Hall. 
  4. In order to obtain a parking permit, all outstanding parking policy violation fees and penalties must be paid in full.
  5. All lost or stolen permits must be reported immediately to the Parking and Access Control Office. A $50.00 replacement fee will be charged.
  6. Change of information: Permit holders are responsible to update their Parkadmin user account whenever there are changes to their vehicle or user profile information.
  7. The number of parking spaces available is limited.  Purchase of a permit does not guarantee that a space will always be available in the lot of your preference.

3. Special Provisions

  1. Motorcycles with engine displacements in excess of 50 ccs require parking permits. If you already have a permit for your car, you can add your motorcycle to your parking account as a second vehicle. 
  2. Oversize vehicles: a permit is valid for a single parking space only.  The Parking Office is to be consulted in advance for permission to park vehicles on Trent Property that require more than one parking space, including vehicles towing trailers.  Additional fees and lot restrictions may apply.
  3. Vehicles parking in marked accessible parking spaces must display a provincial accessible parking permit and a University parking permit.  Temporary Trent accessible permits are available from the Parking Office if a permit holder is experiencing reduced mobility due to a temporary medical condition.  A doctor’s note may be required. Accessible spaces are exempt from overnight parking restrictions.
  4. Service Permits may be issued to employees whose job duties and responsibilities include a regular and ongoing requirement to use a personal vehicle to transport goods, equipment and supplies between various university sites or employees who are required to use their personal vehicle for university business for an average of 200 km a month or more. A service permit allows the employee to park in any red lot or designated service space while actually performing such duties. Permits will be issued upon authorization of the employee's Department Head. The cost of the permit may be borne by the individual or the department.
  5. Overnight Permits may be issued to persons who have employment or academic reasons to park on campus between 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM Monday to Sunday. An authorizing email from the Department Head will be required.
  6. Special events.  Organizers of special events may request complimentary parking for attendees with the prior written approval of their Vice President if the event directly supports a Trent strategic initiative and paid parking would significantly jeopardize the success of the event. The Vice-President Finance and Administration will make the final decision on complimentary parking.  Reduced cost day permits are available to departments who wish to invite guests to campus.  Requests should be submitted to the Parking Supervisor before any event notices indicating complimentary parking are published and at least two weeks before the event.

4. Violations

  1. Vehicle operators are required to comply with all parking and traffic regulations of the University, and are subject to the applicable charges for violations incurred by any vehicle owned or operated by them or registered in their parking account.
  2. Violation fees are subject to changes at any time. The University will seek to collect the payment of all parking policy violation fees from the person who has registered a vehicle and/or licence plate with the University, or the person recorded as the owner by the Ministry of Transportation, or out-of-province equivalent. The registered owner is also responsible for all parking policy violation fees and penalties when the vehicle is being operated by another person, with or without his or her consent.
  3. Parking policy violation fees are as follows:


Parking in an accessible spot without a permit $300
Vandalism to a parking facility $200
Displaying a lost or stolen permit $100 and a clamp or tow warning
Displaying a duplicated permit or misuse of permit $100 and a clamp or tow warning
Displaying a forged permit $100 and a clamp or tow warning
Giving false or incomplete information when applying for a permit $50
Parking in a fire route or loading zone $30
Obstructing other vehicles  $30
Failure to stop at a stop sign $30
Speeding or reckless operation of a motor vehicle  $50
Operating a motor vehicle on other than a campus or public roadway $30
Failure to display a valid permit* $25
Parking outside of a designated parking area $30
Occupying 2 or more parking spaces  $30
Wheel clamp/removal  $25
* Holders of valid permits who forget to display their permits will be forgiven one violation per calendar year
  1. Parking policy violation fees are payable upon issuance of the violation notice. Unpaid parking policy violation fees may be subject to additional administration fees, along with any fees required to identify the registered owner and may also result in the:

    i. Suspension of parking privileges;
    ii. Referral to a private collection agency;
    iii. University sanctions and/or legal action;
    iv. Withholding of marks/transcripts.
    v. Vehicle clamp or tow.

  2. Parking policy violation fees and penalties may be paid by cash or debit card (in person at the Parking Office) or by VISA or Mastercard securely on-line via your ParkAdmin account.

  3. Violations paid within 7 days of issuance will be reduced by $5.00

Any student parking policy violation fees not paid by the third Friday in March of the current school year will be transferred to the Finance Office at an additional fee of $20.00.

5. Enforcement

  1. Parking staff and security guards patrol parking areas and issue violation notices as necessary. Owners/drivers who have two (2) unpaid parking violations will be issued a wheel clamp or tow warning on the third parking policy violation notice. If the parking policy violation fees have not been paid, a wheel clamp will be attached or the vehicle will be towed on the fourth violation. Parking privileges may be suspended until all parking policy violation fees are paid. Any University parking permit issued with respect to a towed vehicle may be canceled.
  2. A vehicle may be immediately towed if it is:
    1. obstructing traffic flow, maintenance work, or snow removal operations;
    2. Violating a Pedestrian, Emergency or Disabled area;
    3. Creating a nuisance or an environmental or safety hazard;
    4. Under suspension from unpaid parking policy violation fees or penalties;
    5. Displaying a suspended, lost, stolen or otherwise invalid parking permit;
    6. Parking on the campus road or walkway system, in loading areas, or on landscaped areas;
    7. Deemed to be abandoned in that there is no valid permit and/or licence plate and the vehicle has not been moved for 7 days or more.
  3. Parking privileges may be canceled for:
    1. Non-payment of parking policy violation fees;
    2. Repeated violations or obvious disregard of regulations;
    3. Supplying false or incomplete information to obtain parking privileges;
    4. Misuse of a permit;
    5. Using altered, duplicated or otherwise unauthorized permits. 
  4. Canceled parking privileges will be reinstated by the Parking Office when all outstanding parking policy violation fees and penalties have been paid.

6. Appeals

  1. Any person receiving a violation notice may appeal the notice via the on-line parking account or in person at the Parking Office within seven days of the date of issue of violation notice. The appellant should include the violation number and all relevant facts pertaining to the incident.
  2. All persons requesting an appeal may, on written request, appear in person before the Parking Supervisor or his/her designate.  The second level of appeal is the Director of Risk Management and the third and final level of appeal is the VP Finance and Administration. 
  3. At each level of the appeal process the person will receive a response within five working days. (Note: permit renewals will be processed pending appeals). Information on the violation notice such as vehicle make, colour, body style may be corrected by the Parking Office and may not be used as grounds for appeal.
  4. The person hearing the appeal may decide to reduce, cancel or uphold the violation fee based on the evidence presented.