Parking Permits & Fees

Helpful Tips for Parking at the Symons Campus

  • ​​Due to unprecedented demand on the East Bank, the hardest time to find parking is at class change (10 minutes to the hour). To help avoid the rush, come 30 minutes early or go directly to the West Bank and park.
  • Lots G, O and P on the West Bank have had space available throughout the day.  Check out our interactive map to find their locations and walk times to your building.
  • Overnight Parking is only permitted in Lot P on the West Bank to facilitate snow removal. 
  • A Regular Parking Permit allows you to park on both sides of the campus and access to 18 parking lots. If the lot is full you must park in the next available lot. Parking is not permitted on the shoulder of the roadway or grass areas.
  • ​Use the HotSpot Parking App. Users must download the mobile app via the HotSpot website.  Watch this video on how to use the app.  


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Types of Permits and fees

Long Term Parking Permits

Trent University offers parking permits for one month, any four month semester, the six month School of Education semester, the academic year (September 1st to April 30th) and the full calendar year.  Rates reflect the decreased amount of administration required for longer duration permits. Please see below for full details of each permit. 


Permit types and associated fees

Prices For September 2019 

Calendar Year (12 months)

Academic Year (8 Months)

Semester (4 months)

One Calendar Month


$1210 $809 NA NA

Regular - Symons Campus 

$605 $405 $203 $59

​Regular - Traill Campus (see details below)

$605 $405    

Residence Permits/Overnight - Lot P Only

  $405 $203 $59

Annex Permits (lottery system) 

 Please contact Housing for details       

Pay & Display and Temp Permit

$.50 for 15 minutes

$2.00 for the first hour, $1.25 each hour after


Download the Parking App to pay for parking


Temporary Permits Available via ParkAdmin

School of Education permit and fee

School of Education Permit


September 3rd, 2019 to February 21st, 2020 









Regular Permits 

Allows the permit holder to park in any designated parking lot on Symons campus with the exception of the following, three pay and display lots,: B (in front of Blackburn Hall), D (in front of Athletics) and I (in front of Bata Library).lot C (Childcare) and the AC half of lot F (white lined area)  This permit is not valid in service, premium spots, carpool, nor at Traill.

Overnight parking has been restricted to Lot P on the West bank from Sept 1st to April 30th. 

Premium Permits 

A premium spot will be provided for each premium permit holder in a lot located as close to their primary work or study location as possible. Premium spots are reserved for premium permit holders 24/7.  Premium permit holders may also park at Traill, in all regular spots and in service spots when necessary.  Premium permit holders may not park in premium permit locations that are not designated for them or in accessible spots.

Traill College 

Traill Regular permit holders who live or work at Traill, as well as, premium permit holders will be allowed to park at both Traill and Symons campus. Parking must be advised of the work or residence location by email from their supervisor or the Housing office. Other regular permit holders may only park on Symons campus. There is free street parking in the vicinity of Traill College for periods up to 3 hours.

Residence Permits

Residence permits are restricted to Lot P (West Bank) at the Symons campus.  If you wish to park in another lot during the day one must use the pay & display machines or the HotSpot App. 

Carpool Permits

Carpooling (also car-sharing, ride-sharing and lift-sharing) is the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car, and prevents the need for others to have to drive to a location themselves.  By having more people using one vehicle, carpooling reduces each person's travel costs such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, parking fees, as well as the stress of driving. Carpooling is also a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to travel as sharing journeys reduces air pollution, carbon emissions, traffic congestion and the need to construct additional parking spaces.

The carpool program at Trent provides incentives to co-workers or students with similar schedules to share their daily commute.  If three or more people decide to carpool, they can obtain a carpool permit from the Parking Office.  A carpool permit entitles the group to have a “Carpool Reserved” space located in the lot of their choice. Each member of the group will also receive one free daily visitor permit per semester in the event they must bring a second car on campus to attend to personal or business matters.  For staff and faculty, all members of a particular carpool can use their flex dollars towards the total cost of the permit. You should advise your automobile insurance carrier if you intend to carpool as it may constitute a material change to your coverage.

One member of the carpool must create a ParkAdmin account under their name.  All members must then register their vehicles to avoid receiving a violation notice.

Daily Pay & Display Permits

Pay & Display permits are valid in all university parking spaces except for:

  • Service spaces,
  • Carpool spaces,
  • Reserved spaces, or
  • Accessible spaces without a valid disability permit.. 
  • Traill 

Fees are $.50 for 15 minutes, $2.00 for the first hour and $1.25 for each hour thereafter to a daily maximum of $10.00.

Visitor Permits

Trent University departments may purchase visitor permits from the parking office on the authority of the Department head by forwarding an email to with their department account code and the number of permits required.

These permits are for authorized visitors only and cannot be used by employees or students.

Temporary Permits

For your convenience, you may purchase and print temporary permits through your Parkadmin account from your home or office. 

  1. Once you have logged in, click on parking.  
  2. Select “Temporary Parking Permit”.
  3. Under Requested Lot select Temp Permit.
  4. Choose from either an hourly or daily permit.
  5. Enter the dates and times you require the permit.
  6. Select the vehicle associated with the permit (either your vehicle or a guest vehicle).
  7. Confirm the permit registration.
  8. Select "Purchase this Permit".
  9. Proceed to payment. Payment option: VISA or Mastercard (you may purchase a temporary permit in person using debit or cash at the Parking Services office BH 103).
  10. Enter credit card information and submit.
  11. Print permit and display the permit flat on the dash of the vehicle that was registered.

Accessible Parking Permits

Persons with a valid Ontario accessible permit may park in accessible spaces on campus and must also display a valid Regular or Pay and Display permit.  Regular permit holders who provide a doctor’s note supporting a temporary loss of mobility eg. A broken leg, may be issued a Trent Accessibility Permit for the period of the disability that will allow them to use accessible spots.  

In the event there is not a vacant accessible space available, accessible permit holders may park in the closest service spot.

Service Permits

Employees whose job duties and responsibilities include a regular and ongoing requirement to use a personal vehicle to transport goods, equipment and supplies between various university sites or employees who are required to use their personal vehicle for university business for an average of 200 km a month or more may be issued service permits at no extra cost. A service permit allows the employee to park in any regular lot or designated service space while performing work duties.  Permits will be issued upon authorization of the employee's Department head.

Athletics Community Member Permits

Trent Athletics Centre parking permits are included in the price of a community membership and are only valid while using Trent Athletics facilities.  Community members are persons who are not Trent students (full time or part time) and not employed on campus, whether for Trent or for a Trent tenant such as Trent Child Care, MNR, Chartwells etc. The parking office will verify your status before issuing a Trent Athletics Community Member permit. This permit is only valid in Lot F (white lined parking spaces) with overflow in Lot G behind Lady Eaton College, when using the Trent Athletics Centre facilities. The permit is NOT to be used to access other Trent facilities such as the Library. Pay and Display parking is available for this purpose.


Motorcycles with engine displacements in excess of 50 ccs require parking permits. If you already have a permit for your car, you can add your motorcycle to your parking account as a second vehicle. Long term permits do not have to be displayed on your motorcycle. Pay and display slips, visitor permits and accessible permits must be displayed on the motorcycle.

Retiree Permits

Employees who retire from Trent University with a pension and who do not continue to work at Trent are eligible for a retiree permit. The permit may only be used by the retiree themselves; it cannot be lent or transferred to anyone else.  The permit is not valid in carpool, visitor or service spaces. The permit will be revoked if the retiree is re-hired at Trent in any capacity, including contract.

Payment for Parking Permits


  • Cash payment 
  • VISA or Mastercard (online or at the Parking Office) 
  • Debit Card
  • TrentU Card

Faculty and Staff

  • Monthly payroll deduction 
  • Flexible Benefit Plan (TrentU Card required)
  • VISA or Mastercard (online or at the Parking Office) 
  • Debit Card 
  • Cash payment

Note:  Staff or faculty who wish to use their flex benefits for parking MUST pay at the Parking Office. Cash, debit and payroll payments must also be made at the Parking Office.  

Parking - Trent University - Durham

Students and staff must fill out an application to receive a parking pass that shall be displayed in their vehicle at all times. Parking passes may be obtained in the Main Office, Room 101, Trent Durham.