Risk Management

Welcome to Risk Management at Trent University

"Risk" is simply uncertainty.  It is the chance that an event, trend or course of action will have either a negative or positive effect on an institution’s ability to meet its operational and strategic goals. 

“Management” is about making things happen.  It is the act of planning and coordinating the efforts of people to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively.

“Risk Management” recognizes that there is an element of risk in any decision or activity that must be identified, assessed and mitigated to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome and reduce the likelihood of a loss.  

Trent University encourages intelligent risk taking when the risk is properly managed.  It is the mandate of the Risk Management Department to provide risk management tools, advice and support so that every member of the Trent community who is responsible for a decision, activity or course of action can effectively manage the associated risks.

The Risk Management Department includes the following functions:

Risk Management

Campus Security

  • Incident response and patrols
  • Physical security equipment and services
  • Security awareness training

Emergency Management

Parking & Access Control


We invite you to explore our site and acquaint yourself with the tools and services available to you to assist you in managing your risks so that you can increase your probability of success, and reduce the potential for loss, in every decision and activity you undertake here at Trent.