Champlain College

College Affiliation:  Champlain College 

Room Styles

  • Traditional single, double, and triple rooms
  • Suite double rooms


  • Shared with the community
  • Gender neutral

Living Learning Communities

  • Active Living: For students who are passionate about physical activity, exploration, and adventure.
  • Global Living: Challenge your assumptions about what it means to be a global citizen.

Common Spaces

  • Common rooms (with TVs and kitchenettes) in each residence community for hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, and group studying
  • Shared laundry facilities


  • Traditional or suite dining plan required. For more information. please visit our Food Services website.
  • Champlain offers an impressive array of local and global food options. The Ceilie is a licensed restaurant where you may find yourself enjoying a relaxed meal, or grabbing a pint with your prof after class. Thai Express gives you that on-the-go travel option. Seasoned Spoon is a vegetarian based student-run caf., taking many of its ingredients from right here on campus. 100 mile diet? More like 5 mile diet (or less!).  Eating your way through the vegetable patch and around the world won’t increase your environmental footprint either as Champlain College is Fairtrade Certified.


  • Traditional Single: $7,408 (Residence Fee) + $4,450 (Dining Fee) = $11,858 (Total Fees)
  • Traditional Double: $6,318 (Residence Fee) + $4,450 (Dining Fee) = $10,768 (Total Fees)
  • Traditional Triple: $4,550 (Residence Fees) + $4,450 (Dining Fee) = $9,000 (Total Fees)
  • Suite Double: $6,471 (Residence Fees) + $2,690 (Dining Fee) = $9,161 (Total Fees)

What’s in my room?

  • Twin bed
  • Desk
  • Desk lamp
  • Desk chair
  • Shelving unit
  • Wardrobe
  • WiFi