Equity at Trent

Trent University is committed to creating opportunities for all community members to develop and flourish as individuals and global citizens (Trent’s Vision Statement, 2010). Such a commitment acknowledges a need for equity in terms of employment and learning. Furthermore, there is the recognition that equity does imply that all people are treated the same. Thus, a commitment to developing and promoting processes and policies that are responsive to the needs of the diverse membership of the Trent University community is important.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Trent University has identified gender inclusive restrooms at its buildings at Symons, Traill and Durham campuses and at Traill College

For more information on the locations and accessibility status of gender inclusive restrooms on campus please visit the Gender Inclusive Restroom webpage.

Trent's Equity and Diversity Survey 2015

Over the fall of 2014 and winter of 2015, the Centre for Human Rights, Accessibility, and Equity (CHREA) captured a snapshot of the Trent University community. Just under 2000 students, staff, and faculty members graciously participated to help better understand the demographics of Trent University's population in 2015.The Equity and Diversity Survey (2015) full report is available upon request.

Employment Equity at Trent University

Trent University affirms its commitment to establishing equal opportunities of employment. The University strives to create an environment that is free of discrimination. The University's goal is to achieve and maintain a representative workforce through the full participation of groups which are found to be underrepresented, especially women, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, and aboriginal peoples. The University seeks to identify and remove discriminatory barriers in employment areas including recruitment, hiring, training and promotion practices. Where necessary, the University will develop proactive employment equity measures with the concurrence of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the bargaining units, and the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. 

Employment Equity Questionnaire

Please note that the Employment Equity Questionnaire is an ongoing administrative initiative to collect information about Trent University employees.

You can complete this questionnaire by visiting the Employment Equity Questionnaire in Qualtrics. 

For alternative accessible versions of the Employment Equity Questionnaire please contact access@trentu.ca