Academic Integrity Module

We administer an online module on Academic Integrity at Trent, which you may find on your learning system if your professor requires you to complete it for a course. The online module is comprised of three sections: Policy and Practice, Avoiding Plagiarism, and Avoiding Cheating. Each section is comprised of instructional materials followed by a quiz that assesses your understanding of academic integrity. In order to successfully complete the module, you must earn 100% on each of the three quizzes.

If you are required to complete this module for more than one course during the same academic year, you only need to complete it once. You must complete the module again if it is required by a course in a different academic year. Please review your course syllabus to learn if you are required to complete the Academic Integrity Module this term.

It is the responsibility of all Trent students to understand the university's academic integrity policy and procedures.