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Study Abroad

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Study Abroad

Fees and Other Costs

Below are the fees you will encounter while at Trent.  TI Camp, UHIP and ISW fees are mandatory to participate in the program. Note: all fees are in Canadian dollars.

TIP Camp

[approximately $265.00 for September and $180.00 for January (subject to increase)] 
Please note that TIP camp is 3 nights’ accommodation including your meals and includes linen that you can take with you back to residence. All students will be picked up on the same day from the Toronto Pearson Airport. This fee is for fall and full year students only. For more information see the Trent International page.


[approximately 204.00 per term (subject to increase)] 
This is an approximate based on this years’ cost, this price will increase for next year. 
The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is a mandatory health insurance to cover your medical needs while you are studying in Ontario. 


(Introductory Seminar Week) [approximately $84.00 (subject to increase)]
Introductory Seminar Week (ISW) is the orientation week for new students at Trent.


Those students planning on staying on Trent residences please consult the housing department at Trent for more information on exact costs. Please note there are 4 residences on campus, each having its own costs.

Off-campus housing

[$6,500-11,500 per academic year]

Spending Money

[$2,500 per term approximately depending on lifestyle]
Books [approximately $500-1000 per term depending on program] 
We recommend that students budget for about $500-$1000 for books per term. However this is just an estimate and depending on the program your courses are in, this cost could be more or less.