Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Peterborough?

Peterborough is located in the Kawartha area of central Ontario, Canada. We are approximately 1.5 hours north east of Canada's largest city, the Ontario's provincial capital, Toronto.

Will I need a Visa or Study Permit?

If you are coming to Canada for 6 months or less you do NOT need a study permit. Anyone studying more than 6 months MUST apply for a study permit to enter Canada.

You do not need a study permit if you plan to take a course or program in Canada that lasts six months or less. You must complete the course or program within the period authorized for your stay in Canada.

Even if you do not need a study permit, it is a good idea to apply for a permit before you come to Canada. If you decide that you want to continue your studies in another program after you complete your short-term course or program, you must apply through a Canadian visa office outside Canada for a study permit if you do not already have one. 

Information on applying for your study permit and to access the application 

Temporary Resident Visa

This application is for people who reside outside of Canada and need a temporary resident visa (TRV) to visit Canada for a temporary purpose such as tourism, visiting family or friends, or business trips. 

Some countries do not require a Visa to enter or transit through Canada. List of countries who DO require a visa .
 Apply now for your TRV 

What are the semesters like while at Trent? How many courses will I take?

Trent's academic year is broken up into two 14-week semesters - The fall Semester (September to December), and the Winter Semester (January to April).
While participating in an Exchange at Trent you will generally be required to enroll in a full-time class schedule of 5 courses per semester. These courses can either be half-year or full-year in length. For each course you can expect about 4 hours of class time per week, during which you may attend a mixture of lectures, seminars, and laboratory hours.
After the end of each semester there is an exam period during which you will write final exams for the courses which require them.

What is it like to study in Peterborough?

Peterborough is a mid-sized city with around 80,000 residents. The city is very student friendly with a large number of restaurants, cafes, clubs, and pubs where students can go to unwind after a long day of class. The city is also a nature-lover's dream as its location in the Kawartha region provides ready access to a abundant natural beauty and hiking opportunities. 

Where can I find information about pre-arrival, packing and registering for orientation?

All the information you need to know about what you are responsible for prior to your arrival, how to register for orientation, and details about packing can be found on the Blackboard course titled "Study Abroad - Inbound Exchange" that is accessible through your MyTrent log-in.