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Statue in a garden of a man thinking


Moira Howes

Professor Howes' areas of specialization include philosophy of science (especially biology), epistemology, and metaphysics. Her current research addresses issues in critical thinking education, bioethics, and philosophy of adventure sport.

Recent and Selected Publications:

2016. "Fitness, Well-Being, and Preparation for Death." International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 9(2): 115-140.

2016.  "Challenging Fitness Ideology: Why an Adventurous Approach to Physical Activity is Better for Well-Being."  Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy10(2): 132-147.

2015. "Objectivity, Intellectual Virtue, and Community." In F. Padovani, A. Richardson, and J. Tsou (eds.) Objectivity in Science: New Perspectives from Science and Technology Studies. Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science. Springer. pp. 173-188.

2012. “Managing Salience: The Importance of Intellectual Virtue in Analyses of Biased Scientific Reasoning.”  Hypatia 27(4):  736-754.