Post-Bridge PN to B.Sc.N. Pathway

The post-bridge PN to B.Sc.N. pathway leading to an Honours degree in Nursing (B.Sc.N.) consists of 20 credits with at least 12 credits in NURS. Upon completion of their RPN and approved bridge programs, students will normally have completed and received transfer credit for BIOL 1050H, 1051H, NURS 1000H, 1001H, 1002H, 1020H, 1550H, 2001H, 2021H, 2550H, 3021H, PSYC 1020H, 1030H, 2.0 elective credits at 1000-level and 0.5 credit elective at 2000-level. The program must include:

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Year 1(including Fall, Winter and Summer Session)

  • 5.5 NURS credits consisting of NURS 2000H, 2003H, 2020H, 2031H, 3000H, 3020H, 3001H, 3004H, 3005H, 3031H, 3550H
  • 0.5 credit consisting of one of NURS 3560H, PHIL 2390H, PSYC 3560H, 3750H, SOCI-WMST 2430H
  • 0.5 credit elective at the 2000 level or beyond

Year 2 ( Including Fall and Winter)

  • 3.0 NURS credits consisting of 4020C, and NURS 4021C or 4022C
  • 0.5 NURS credit from one of Advanced Topics Group 1*
  • 0.5 NURS credit from one of Advanced Topics Group 2*
  • 0.5 credit elective at the 3000 level or beyond

*Advanced Topics 

All students are required to take at least 0.5 credit from each of the advanced topics groupings listed below:

  • Advanced Topic Group 1: NURS 4011H/4012H, 4100H, 4102H, 4103H, 4104H, 4105H, 4106H, NURS 4108H, NURS–ERSC/ERSC–INDG 4740Y
  • Advanced Topic Group 2: NURS 4011H/4012H, 4201H, 4203H, 4204H, 4205H, 4207H, NURS-WMST 4208H, NURS–ERSC/ERST–INDG 4740Y

Please consult the academic timetable, available through myTrent, for information on courses that will be offered and when they will be scheduled for a given academic year.

Indigenous Course Requirement (ICR)

All undergraduate students beginning studies at Trent in the Fall 2018 term or thereafter must complete at least 0.5 credit from the Approved Indigenous Course List as part of their university degree requirements. Individual courses that meet this requirement are designated by the (ICR) after the title of the course. The Approved Indigenous Course List can be found in the Academic Calendar and here: .