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Forensic Science

trent university forensics science master's student looks into a microscope during the graduate program

Forensic Science

Forensic Science M.Sc.F.S.

The first Canadian Masters of Science in Forensic Science has been designed  for you to learn and implement best practices in forensic science.  You will be engaged for three semesters in 8 core courses and 2 electives; 5 courses per term, as outlined below. The electives are aligned to your intended area of study (such as electives in biology, chemistry, or environmental sciences).  In the third semester, you will complete an independent, hands-on forensic placement resulting in a research thesis at a recognized academic, private or public sector institution.

The M.Sc.F.S. program is a professional course-based program that will allow you to:

  • gain an understanding of the value of research and case-specific experimentation
  • develop effective communication techniques to present technical scientific analysis to scientific, legal and non-scientific audiences. 

Semester 1: Core courses (4): Communication Science and Forensic Reporting , Advanced Forensic DNA Typing, Research Design and Statistics in Forensic Science, Presentation of Expert Evidence and the Courts. Elective (1): Forensic Psychology​ or Biocrime and Bioterrorism or Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis​. 

Semester 2: Core course (4) Complex Crime Scene Analysis, Advanced Forensic Toxicology, Leadership in Forensic Science, Advanced Topics in Forensic Science, Elective (1): Firearms and Ballistics or Bioinformatics

Semester 3: Forensic Placement

For more information about the program please contact mscforensics@trentu.ca or the program office at 705.748.1011 @ 7516.

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