Research Opportunities

Students in any program stream have access to a large collection of Canadian literature. The Page-Irwin Colloquium Room at Catherine Parr Traill College contains the core of the private library of writer-painter P.K. Page Irwin, as well as a large collection of her visual art. The Publications Projects Lab houses the Leonard and Barbara Conolly Broadview Press Collection,  including all of the literary texts produced by Broadview Press to date plus the texts that continue to be published. In addition to these collections, students have access to the following digital collections.

EditionsTrent Research Group

The Department of English Literature is home to the very active EditionsTrent Research Group producing scholarly editions of major Canadian writers. Over the years, Trent University’s English Department has hosted three major print and/or digital “collected works” projects focused on the works of A.M. Klein, E.J. Pratt, and P.K. Page, as well as the digital edition of the expansive diaries of Robertson Davies. This site is designed to highlight the activities of faculty and students involved in this — and other — editorial work.

For more information, visit the EditionsTrent website.

The Digital Page

The Digital Page is an online collection of the works of Canadian writer and visual artist P.K. Page. The site encompasses the whole range of PK’s creative achievement, emphasizing its genesis and the social context in which this genesis took place. The Digital Page has as its aim to make PK’s immense and richly varied work available both to a general and to a scholarly public. A key feature of the project is the Digital Page Reader, which allows the user to view transcriptions of all versions of PK’s texts side-by-side with images of the documents on which the transcriptions are based.

For more information, visit The Digital Page website.