Naveera Ahmed
Supervisor: Suzanne Bailey
Thesis: Remembering the 'Home' through YouTube Cooking Videos: Sensory Evocations, Cultural Negotiations, and the Diasporic Kitchen, 2013

Eyitayo Aloh
Supervisor: Hugh Hodges
Thesis: Engaging the Unwritten Text: The Role of Orality and Popular Culture in the Social Engineering Process of Postcolonial Nigeria, 2015

Christine Babikian
Supervisor: Margaret Steffler
Internship: An Editorial Intern’s Guide to Trade Publishing: Perspectives from a Small Division, 2012

Emily Ballantyne
Supervisor: Zailig Pollock
Thesis: "Exile and Inhabitant": P.K. Page's Brazil, 2010

Brent Bellamy
Supervisor: Michael Epp
Thesis: The Tramp, The Fan, and the Working Man: Bruce Springsteen, "The Road", and American Publics, 2009

Sara Berniker
Supervisor: Michael Epp
Thesis: Writing is Dangerous: Exploring Creativity and the Other in Stephen King's Fiction, 2009

Jessica Bosnell
Supervisor: Sally Chivers

Amy Bowen
Supervisor: Michael Epp
Internship: Public Texts and Facilitating Positive Action: The GreenUP Column Article

Stefanie Bradley
Supervisor: Michael Epp
Major Research Paper: An Iconoclastic Journalistic Persona: Robertson Davies and the Diaries of Samuel Marchbanks, 2009

Marilyn Burns
Supervisor: Suzanne Bailey
Major Research Paper

Jessica Carter
Supervisor: Rita Bode
Internship: From Text to Public: Literary Press Publishing in Canada and Canadian Cultural Identity

Mariana Castelli Rosa
Supervisor: Sally Chivers
Internship: Unravelling (Perceptions of) Brazil in the Manuscripts of P.K.’s Brazilian Journal

Scott Cecchin
Supervisor: Margaret Steffler
Thesis: "Literary Polyphony in the Poems of Robert Bringhurst"

Nelly Chen
Supervisor: Margaret Steffler
Internship: Public Advocacy: From Text to Action, 2008

Amanda Chernawski
Supervisor: Margaret Steffler
MRP: The Education of Alice in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and in Victorian Society: Learning to Reason and to Resist

Ross Chiasson
Supervisor: Kelly McGuire
Thesis: "All I’ve Found is Pain and Terror: Aesthetics and Moral Status in Contemporary Popular Narratives"

Trent University 3MT 2017: Provost's People's Choice Award Winner

Christina Chu
Supervisor: Kelly McGuire
Major Research Paper: 

Ian Clark
Supervisor: Kelly McGuire

Kimberley Conroy
Supervisor:  Zailig Pollock
Internship: Coding, Editing, and the Digital Page Project

Sarah Curd
Supervisor:  Zailig Pollock
Internship: The Abject Body in John Fawcett’s Ginger Snaps, 2016

Evelyn Deshane
Supervisor: Charmaine Eddy
Thesis: Flesh Made Real: The Production, Reception, and Interpretation of Transgender Narratives, 2013

Anthony Donnelly
Supervisor: Orm Mitchell
Internship: From History to Myth: The Biographer, Subject and Reader in Contemporary Biography, 2010

Christopher Doody
Supervisor: Zailig PollockThesis: Douglas Coupland and Ergodic Paratext: Overcoming Aporia in Generation X and Microserfs, 2011

Samantha Elmsley
Supervisor: Sally Chivers
MRP: Public monuments? A case study of the Halifax Memorial Tower, 2015

Alicia Fahey
Supervisors: Leonard Conolly and Elizabeth Popham
Thesis: Sheila Watson's The Double Hook (a critical edition) , 2011

Natalie Forest
Supervisor: Rita Bode
Thesis: Sister Texts: The Anxieties of Adapting Jane, 2012

James Forrester
Supervisor: Michael Epp
MRP: Dickens Comes to Lakefield

Sara Gallagher
Supervisor:  Michael Epp
Thesis:  The Cold War and the Birth of the Beat Generation

Christopher Gray
Supervisor: Leonard Conolly
Thesis: Giving the Devil His Due: Bernard Shaw's "The Devil's Disciple", 2010

Claire Gullander-Drolet
Supervisor: Charmaine Eddy
Major Research Paper: Chester Himes and the Harlem Domestic Series, 2011

Hunter Haig
Supervisor: Margaret Steffler
Internship: Morning Rain Publishing: Striving to be Public

Shahira Hathout
Supervisor: Suzanne Bailey
Thesis: "Educating the Passions: Human Reincarnation, Moral Reformation and Redemption in Wutherin​g Heights"

David Headley
Supervisor:  Hugh Hodges
Thesis: Dialed back: the audience learns to listen up!

Karen Heffernan Cummings
Supervisor: Margaret Steffler
Thesis: From Reading to Reality: The Girl Public's Response to Post-Millennial Girl Fiction, 2013.

Erin Holtz Braeckman
Supervisor: Margaret Steffler
Thesis: The Return to "The Child": Nature, Language and the Sensing Body in the Poetry of Mary Oliver, 2013

Melissa Hudson
Supervisor:Rita Bode
Internship: Davies Project

Jennifer Hunter
Supervisor: Michael Epp
Internship: 4th Line Theatre

Thomas Jenkins
Supervisor: Hugh Hodges
Thesis: Run Come Rally: Rastafari Texts and the Creation of Publics in Post-Colonial Jamaica, 2011

Lindsey Jeremiah
Supervisor: Sally Chivers
Internship: The Triangulation of Dracula, Jack the Ripper, and Germ Theory

Cait P. Jones
Supervisor: Michael Epp
Thesis: “A City is Not a Place of Origins”: Mapping Black Queer Identity in the Work of Dionne Brand and James Baldwin

Heather Kerr
Supervisor: Michael Epp
Major Research Paper: Print, Portraiture, and Performance: Forming the Public Text of Elizabeth I

Sarah Kastner
Supervisor: Hugh Hodges
Thesis: Writing Against Possession: Archiving Yvonne Vera, and the Obedience Manuscript, 2012

Ewa Krynski
Supervisor: Orm Mitchell
Internship: Biography: At the Crossroads of Fact and Fiction, 2009

Natalie Krzywiecki
Supervisor: Charmaine Eddy
Internship Paper: "And in the process they both inscribe a vision of home": The Significance of Female Epistolary Networks in the Reclamation of Identity for Nineteenth-Century Female Immigrants

Emily Ann Lamond
Supervisor: Zailig Pollock
Internship: The Cultural and Social Benefits of Community Theatre, 2009

Eric Lehman
Supervisor:  Hugh Hodges
Thesis: The Songs We Share (and the Records We Steal):  Music and Shoplifting in an Age of Digital Piracy

Lesley Liu
Supervisor: Zailig Pollock
Thesis: Reconceptualizing Digital Reading: E-Book Readers in a Technological Era

Laurie MacKenzie
Supervisor: Elizabeth Popham
Internship: Keeping Up With the Joneses: The Role of Digital Paratexts in Trade Publishing, 2013.

Arma Malik
Supervisor: Hugh Hodges

Laurenne Mandel
Supervisor: Michael Epp
Internship: Outside the Lines: A Look at the Marketing and Sales of the Colouring Book Fad in Comparison to Traditional Book sales

James McClelland
Supervisor: Michael Epp
Thesis: Of Icons and Myths: Interpretative Positions in Jack Kerouac's On the Road and the Early Photograph of Allen Ginsberg

Rachel McLean
Supervisor: Margaret Steffler
Internship: “Another, Invisible World”: Illustrating the Children’s Literature of P.K. Page

Emma McTavish
Supervisor:  Sally Chivers
Internship: I Got 99 Problems but Digitization Ain’t One: An Exploration of the Digitization of Scholarly Journals

Elena Merrill
Supervisor: Margaret Steffler
Thesis: "To Keep the Thread Unbroken": Connecting the Public and Private Life-Writing of P. K. Page, 2013

Callie Metler
Supervisor: Margaret Steffler
Thesis: Autobiographical Graphics: reading the queer “I” in women’s life writing

Amanda Miller
Supervisor: Zailig Pollock
Internship: Mapping E-Text, Texturing Screen: E-Reader as Paratext and the Emerging Identities of E-Books, 2011

Sarah Miller
Supervisor: Sarah Keefer
Thesis: THE BATTLE OF MALDON: A MEDIEVAL SCREENPLAY. History and Heroism in the Cinematic Adaptation of an Old English Poem, 2013

Sarah Milner
Supervisor: Sally Chivers
Thesis: The Composite Frankenstein: the Man, the Monster, the Myth

Michael Morton
Supervisor:Stephen Brown
Major Research Paper: The Spectator’s Milieu: Commoditization of a Public Text, 2011

Sean Morton
Supervisor: Leonard Conolloy
Major Research Paper: Ontario University Library Book Acquisition Policies in an Electronic Age, 2008

Travis Morton
Supervisor: Stephen Brown
Thesis: Play Theory: Games, Roles and Ritual Space

Kelsea O’Connor
Supervisor: Zailig Pollock
Internship: Author vs. Publisher: Engagement, Publics, and Participatory Culture on Social Media

Cindy Pang
Supervisor:  Sally Chivers
Internship: In Defence of Self-Publishing:  A study of the independent publishing industry and its effects on traditional publishers

Janette Platana
Supervisor: Hugh Hodges
Thesis: Punk as Public, Punks as Texts: Some Of This Is True

Megan Polley
Supervisor: Michael Epp
Internship: Making the Brand: Understanding Authors through Digital Media, 2011

Lauralee Proudfoot
Supervisor: Joanne Findon
Major Research Paper: A Public In-Between: Publishing Fiction for Emerging Adults, 2009

Elizabeth Ramsay
Supervisor: Beth Popham
Thesis: "Women as Gifts and the Triple Hecate Myth in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida, Antony and Cleopatra, and Cymbeline"

Natasha Regehr
Supervisor: James Neufeld
Internship: Singing to the Choir: Community Interactions with Choral Texts, 2011

Samuel Rowland
Supervisor:  Michael Epp
Thesis: Stop Making Sense: Subjective Dissonance and Synaesthesia in Young Adult and Children's Fiction

Matthew Ryan
Supervisor: Michael Epp
Major Research Paper : The Harvard Classics: Self-Education and Private Property

Jacob Saltiel
Supervisor: Zailig Pollock
Internship: Back to the Future: E-Publishing and the Future of Magazine Fiction

Magdelena Samulski
Supervisor: Rita Bode
Internship: “Clarington Clothing” and the Reading of Fashion: A Textual Investigation of Dress as Cultural and Historical Artifact

Katelynn Schoop
Supervisor: Michael Epp
Thesis: "Hearts Ripe, Brains Aglow": Narrative, Subjectivity, and Feeling in Post-Postmodernism, 2009

Hamidreza Seifollahi
Supervisor: Beth Popham
Thesis: "The lion and the fox: Machiavellian strategy in Tamburlaine the Great and Richard II"

Amanda Siddall
Supervisor: Zailig Pollock
Internship: The Death of the Traditional Editor, 2011

Stephanie Small
Supervisor: Zailig Pollock
Internship: Re-calling Hypertext: Redefining Hypertextual Editing in the E-Book Age, 2011

Charlotte Smith 
Supervisor: Zailig Pollock
Major Research Paper: "The Same Pen”: the Intersection of Art and Literature in the Works of P. K. Page, 2011

Sarah Smith-Eivemark
Supervisor: Zailig Pollock
Internship:Public Privates: Sex, the Media, and Weinergate

Candace Snoddon
Supervisor: Suzanne Bailey
Internship: Uncovering The Canadian Crusoes: From Nineteenth Century Cloth Bindings to Twenty-First Century Repair

Stephanie Tyler
Supervisor: Sarah Keefer
Thesis: The Outsider in Anglo-Saxon Literature: Geographical Boundaries and Concepts of "Otherness", 2010

Kaitlyn Sykes
Supervisor: Margaret Steffler
Internship: Technology Across the Ages: A Study of Recent Changes in Canadian Higher Education Publishing, 2015, based on an internship at John Wiley and Sons Canada

Amanda Van der Wey
Supervisor: Lewis MacLeod
Thesis: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Shifting Centres, Margins, and Publics, 2011

Matthew Wincherauk
Supervisor: Beth Popham
Thesis: The Students’ Bell Tower: The legacy of the University of Regina’s The Carillon in the Digital Age, 2019