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School of Education

Teacher Education Stream

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"Find Your Place in Education" Workshop Series

Only two sessions left in this year’s Teacher Education Stream Workshop Series!

Peterborough: Monday March 27th at 12 pm – 1:30 pm, OC 111
Peterborough Sign up: http://www2.trentu.ca/cgi-bin/tutorials.cgi/educ-event6)

Durham: Wednesday March 29th at 12 pm – 1:30 pm, Durham Campus Room 103. (*Due to larger number of attendees, this session was moved to Wednesday)
(Durham Sign up: http://www2.trentu.ca/cgi-bin/maintain.cgi/educ-event10)

Topic: 10 Things Teachers Want You to Know

Starting in 2016, students entering the Teacher Education Stream program will be guaranteed entry into the Bachelor of Education program provided they successfully complete all the requirements of the Teacher Education Stream program, achieve a minimum 80% average and submit the B.Ed. Profile of Experience.

The Teacher Education Stream is designed for students planning a career in teaching. The program provides the academic and non-academic foundations for entrance into a Consecutive Teacher Education program and ultimately, the teaching profession.  Each year, a number of spaces in Trent’s Consecutive Bachelor of Education program will be reserved for graduates of this program. Check out the video below to find out more about this program. 


Students apply for this program directly from high school through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. Application codes for the Peterborough campus are RTA for the Arts Stream, and RTS for the Science Stream. Application codes for the Durham campus are ROQ for the Arts Stream, and ROZ for the Science Stream. Transfer students from other Universities or colleges may also be eligible for consideration. Admission is based on an equal weighting of an applicant’s academic average (a minimum of 75% is required on courses considered for admission) and an Applicant Profile. Students will follow the admission requirements of their major for specific prerequisite courses.   

Applicant Profile

All applicants to the Teacher Education Stream Program must submit an Applicant Profile by February 23, 2017. (The Applicant Profile is due within 2 weeks of applying on OUAC). Once applicants apply through OUAC they will be given access to the Applicant Profile through their myTrent portal. The Applicant Profile can be found under the "Academics" tab in the portal. Please note that it will take up to 24 hours for your Applicant Profile to appear on your myTrent portal after activating your account.

Equity Admissions

The School of Education & Professional Learning has developed an admissions policy regarding equitable representation of groups underrepresented in the teaching profession. Applicants who are of Indigenous heritage, persons of a visible minority or persons with a disability are encouraged to apply for equity admission in the Teacher Education Stream Program. Please note that completion of the Equity form is voluntary.  Equity admission applicants who meet admissions requirements and deadlines, but whose academic average is below the minimum 75% required will still be eligible for consideration.

If you wish to apply for Equity Admission, you may submit the Equity Admission Form through your myTrent portal. The Equity Admission form can be found under the Academics tab in the portal. Equity Admission forms must be received by February 23, 2017.

Program Overview

Students complete an Honours Bachelor of Arts or an Honours Bachelor of Science with an Emphasis in Teacher Education.  Students will enrol in the Emphasis in Teacher Education during their first year of study at Trent and update registration for each subsequent year.  In the Emphasis students gain the academic background for a career in education through curriculum and foundational courses.  

Teacher Education Stream students engage in experience-based learning to develop skills for education in a variety of settings.  Students are required to complete 75 hours of experience-based learning over the course of their Honours degree.  Students arrange these learning opportunities with coordinator approval.  

Students also participate in workshops throughout their Honours degree that address current issues in education.  Students are required to participate in a minimum of two workshops in each of the four years of their Honours degree.  

Students have the opportunity to participate in the Impact program at Trent to gain additional leadership experience.  To learn more about the Impact program please visit www.trentu.ca/impact.

Course requirements for this program vary by teaching division.  Please see the academic calendar for course descriptions at www.trentu.ca/calendar (descriptions are listed under the department offering the course).  Students must meet the requirements for their teaching division as well as the requirements for their chosen Honours degree.  Requirements for all degrees are listed on pg 41 of the academic calendar.  Students benefit from an ongoing academic review by the program coordinator.

Elementary Stream 

Students in the Elementary stream take 5.0 credits in Curriculum and Foundational Studies as part of their Honours degree.  For Curriculum Studies, students need 1.0 credit in Math or Science and 1.0 credit in Visual or Performing Arts.  The Math or Science credit may consist of any course from Math, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental & Resource Science, Physical Geography or Physics (PSYC 2016H and PSYC 2017H together will meet the Math requirement).  Students may choose to take one of ERSC-BIOL 2700Y, MATH 2080Y or PHYS 2090Y which are designed for students intending to teach at the elementary level who lack a science or mathematics background.

> View course list under the Elementary Stream on the Emphasis in Education webpage.

Secondary Stream

Students in the secondary stream must complete the requirements for 2 teaching subjects recognized by the Ontario College of Teachers.  The teaching subjects available in the Trent Consecutive Bachelor of Education are Biology, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Dramatic Arts, English, French (Second Language), Geography, Health & Physical Education, History, Native Studies, Mathematics, Physics and Visual Arts.  Students need to complete 5.0 credits in their first teaching subject and 3.0 credits in their second teaching subject (please note that students wishing to have French as a second teaching subject must complete 4.0 credits).  

Students in the secondary stream must also complete 2.0 credits in foundational studies from the list above as well as EDEM 4000Y (which includes working in a school with students with special needs for a half-day per week and course work focused on literacy) or one additional credit in foundational studies from the list above.

Entrance to a Consecutive Bachelor of Education

In order to be eligible for consideration for a reserved space in the Trent Bachelor of Education program students must meet the following conditions:

  • Application to the Trent Consecutive B. Ed. program and submission of all required documents by the posted deadline.
  • Successful completion of the requirements for an Honours Bachelor of Arts or Science by the May preceding enrolment in the B.Ed. program (please refer to p. 41 of the Academic Calendar for requirements which apply to all undergraduate degree programs).
  • Minimum 80% average or better at Trent University on the most recent 10.0 credits at the time of application.
  • Completion of the Emphasis in Teacher Education (students must enrol in their first year and update registration each subsequent year).
  • Participation in workshops and completion of 75 hours of experience-based learning, approved and monitored by the School of Education. 

Students who are not offered a reserved space will be considered for admission based on the general requirements for the Bachelor of Education program.  See www.trentu.ca/BEd for admissions requirements.


Trent Consecutive Bachelor of Education 

Teacher Education Application Service (for students applying to the Consecutive Bachelor of Education)

The Ontario College of Teachers

Contact Information – Applicants

Phone: 705-748-1011 x 1332 or 1-888-739-8885
Email: liaison@trentu.ca 

Contact Information – Current Students

Phone: 705-748-1011 x 7723
Email: edemphasis@trentu.ca