Alternative Settings Placement

As part of the 2-year Consecutive Bachelor of Education program, Teacher Candidates are required to complete 75 hours as part of the Alternative Settings Placement. The placements can be non-school placements that are typically completed after the long-term practicum, however different opportunities may require Teacher Candidates to fulfill these commitments during their regular classes and practicum. 

The School of Education strongly encourages Teacher Candidates to find placements in settings that they may not traditionally find themselves in. Our hope is that Teacher Candidates will adapt their experiences and learnings from the program and apply them to situations and scenarios that may not be familiar. For some candidates, these setting may include opportunities such as being a counsellor at a summer camp, one-to-one after school tutoring, facilitation of athletic and sports based programs (i.e. skating lessons, swimming lessons, etc.), research assistant, outdoor learning support, and many more. 

Take a look at some of the opportunities that the School of Education offers.

Independent Research & Curriculum Development

This is your opportunity to design your own alternative field experience placement. Follow your particular area of interest in the area of curriculum within a broad context. The placement must be approved and supervised.