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School of Education

School of Education


A group of student in the forest on a sunny summer's afternoon practising supporting one another on tight ropesStudents leave our programs highly equipped with the tools and skills needed to elevate the teaching profession. One-to-one interactions with faculty and staff create an experience that is both professional and personal. With extensive in-class teaching time, collaborative opportunities and unique alternative field experience placements, students will enter the education profession with a breadth of knowledge that is richer than many other education experiences.


What program best suits me?

Teacher Education Stream

The Teacher Education Stream is designed for students planning a career in teaching. The program provides the academic and non-academic foundations for entrance into a Consecutive Teacher Education program and ultimately, the teaching profession. Each year, a number of spaces in Trent’s Consecutive Bachelor of Education program will be reserved for graduates of this program.

Consecutive B.Ed. Program

This program prepares students to teach in either the Primary/Junior (Kindergarten - Grade 6) or Intermediate/Senior (Grades 7-12) divisions. This program, as with all Faculties of Education in Ontario, is delivered throughout 4 semesters spread over a 2-year period.

Indigenous B.Ed. Program

This program is geared towards students who identify as Indigenous, looking to become part of the educational field. As a 5 year concurrent program, students will complete 3 years of their undergraduate and 2 years of the professional B.Ed. program.

Master of Education in Educational Studies

The M.Ed. program will encourage and enable students to develop specialized and advanced knowledge in the field of education and will teach the skills necessary to access, critique and implement research, policy and related initiatives. Students will develop the ability to contribute professionally in their future positions, to acquire skills that will enable them to contribute to knowledge creation and mobilization, and to think across disciplinary bounds.

Graduate Diploma in Educational and Community Leadership

This program is geared towards professionals, which is a five-course program including three required courses and two elective courses. Required courses include an Educational Theory course, a Research Methods Course, and implementation of a focused action research project.