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Additional Qualifications

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School of Education

Additional Qualifications

Trent's Online AQ & ABQ Courses

Spring Registration Open   Summer Registration Open
Course Dates: May 6 to June 24   Course Dates: July 2 to July 31
Registration Deadline: Apriil 30   Registration Deadline: June 25

Click here to see our Spring AQ Course Flyer

  1. Course fee $650 or $625 for Trent grads and returning AQ students
  2. Courses are delivered Completely Online
  3. Courses taught by Ontario teachers & principals
  4. Every course requires 125 hours of work (includes hours spent on readings & assignments)
  5. Each module has due dates for work to be submitted
  6. Courses are organized into modules with readings, assignments & discussion board tasks
  7. You do not have to be online at any given time - work on your own schedule
  8. Internet required