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Careerspace – Outside the classroom


Outside the Classroom

Community Service Learning

Engage in meaningful community service with classroom instruction and critical reflection to enrich the learning experience and strengthen communities. In practice, students work in partnership with a community-based organization to apply their disciplinary knowledge to address identified community need or global issues. Many community service opportunities are available through the Trent Community Research Centre.

Applied Research

Imagine being able to conduct hands-on research, with leading professors and researchers, while you’re still an undergraduate. This is something uniquely Trent. Conduct field research in one of our 12 on-campus nature reserves; dust off original texts with your professor; accompany your Archeology professor on a dig in Belize; or work with some of the world’s top water-testing instrumentation in our Water Quality Centre. Our students gain invaluable skills and experience that prepare them for graduate school and beyond. A wide array of applied research opportunities exist in the form of thesis, reading course, or community-based research.

Trent Community Research Centre

Through the Trent Community Research Centre (TCRC), students gain academic credit and experience by undertaking supervised research projects with local community organizations. In community-based research, the questions come from the community and, using credible research methods, community members, researchers, professors and students work collaboratively to find the answers. During the past twenty years, hundreds of students have completed successful projects that have made a significant contribution to the greater-Peterborough community.

Placements, Practica and Internships

From Social Work to Forensic Science, Education to Nursing, Health Sciences to the School of the Environment, Trent students earn academic credit in a variety of settings throughout Ontario and beyond.

Currently, placement, practica and internship opportunities exist in 14 departments at Trent. One example are the internship opportunities in Business Administration are available in a variety of business sectors within the Greater Peterborough and Durham Region, to students enrolled at various programs at Trent. Another example includes the Internship in Medical Sciences and Placement in Health Sciences allow students interested in medical/health science the best opportunity to prepare for careers in medical or applied health research, teaching, and med school.


Trent has two academic programs with competitive co-op options that allow students to gain invaluable hands-on experience over three, 12-week, full-time paid work terms:

Computing Systems Co-op – real-world experience in the exciting and rapidly growing information technology industry
Conservation Biology Co-op – provides graduates with career advantages and the skills and knowledge to help protect the world’s most vital organisms and at-risk wildlife

Field Experiences

Many programs at Trent have a field component, where students explore academic content in a purposeful way outside the classroom through field trips and/or field work in Canada or abroad.

Trent offers many field work opportunities on campus or in the local area, including the McLean Oliver Ecological Centre, the Trent University Nature Areas, the Trent Experimental Farm, the Trent Vegetable Garden and the Crime Scene House.

Studying and Working Abroad

Trent offers many opportunities to study abroad in a variety of exciting locations. Trent students can also work abroad by incorporating international experiential learning into their degree programs through field placements, research projects, intensive language programs, and internships. Trent students have done business in Hong King, supported health care in Honduras, excavated ruins in Belize, taught in England, and studied marine life in Taiwan.

Creative, Performance or Exhibit Opportunities

Develop artistic, physical, technical, management or production skills through intensive embodied and/or practice-based experiences. This may include rehearsals, performances, large ensembles, solo recitals and other forms of music performance. Many creative experiential opportunities for photography, videography, theatre, music and radio production, and dance exist at Trent, most notably in Cultural Studies and Indigenous Studies.

Workplace Projects

Engage with an organization, business, or industry to identify issues or opportunities and develop solutions or strategies to industry problems. (e.g., consulting projects)

Outside the Classroom