Frequently Asked Questions - Students

Where are the job postings?

Any postings (on and off campus) that come to Careerspace are posted on the online Job Board. 

Can I access on-campus postings available at my school?

Yes, they are posted in the online Student Job Board which you access through myTrent.

I did a search in .... and there are no positions for .... Why is that?

Although we try to encourage employers posting at several institutions to target the different areas of study that may be used by various institutions (for example, ECE students may be included under Social Sciences OR Education), certain employers insist for a particular area of study. You may therefore look in other related field/area of study and thus broaden your search.

I have looked on the Job Board and I still cannot find a job, what next?

  1. Advertised job market: Check out our links for other job boards.
  2. Unadvertised job market: Go through company directories and personally approach the people you want to work with/for; it helps to put together a 1-2 minute 'spiel' on who you are, what you can do, and why they should hire you!, NETWORK!
  3. Make sure you have an excellent résumé and cover letter (CV if necessary); there's detailed info in the Get Career Ready section.
  4. The more people you talk to, whether it be friends and family or other employment/career centres, the more likely you are to gain employment.
  5. If you are still at a loss, book a career counselling appointment with Careerspace to discuss your job search strategies.

I'm an international student.  Where do I look for work?

Careerspace has a Tip sheet describing work search strategies for international students.  For immigration questions, visit the Trent International office.

How do I work on my résumé or CV?

Check out the Careerspace Tip sheets on résumés and CVs.  In the Get Career Ready -- Look for Work section of our website, there are step-by-step instructions on creating a résumé, with two samples. Once you've created your résumé, book an appointment with Careerspace for a résumé critique.

Where can I go to school for "x"?

  1. First decide whether you would like to go to school nationally or internationally. 
  2. Once you have identified specific schools, check on-line resources: Canadian directory:; US directory: , International:

I have no idea what I want to do when I am finished school!

  1. If you have decided on a major, you can start in the What Can I Do With My Degree section of this website in the Get Career Ready section.
  2. If you do not have a major, you can start with the Self Assessment and Explore Options sections of the Get Career Ready section.

I want to Teach Abroad for a year so where can I go?

Working in a foreign country is an excellent way to develop not only professional, but personal skills. Opportunities exist in various countries in a wide range of disciplines. Check out the Working Abroad section in our Links  that can get you started. 

What do Career Counsellors do?

Career Counsellors can help individual students regarding career issues and/or concerns.

How can I make an appointment with Careerspace? 

Check out the Counselling and Appointments section under Get Career Ready regarding the different ways registered Trent students and alumni can book an appointment.

Online Booking System

Peterborough students:

  • Sign in to the Student Experience Portal.
  • Click on “Book Appointments” in the left menu to book your appointment with Careerspace.
  • You can still call 705.748.1011 x6012 during office hours.

When should I start looking for a job for after graduation?

It is best to start looking for employment as soon as possible. It is often recommended that students who are graduating begin looking for full-time employment in September of their graduating year. A great deal of recruitment begins in September/October.

Job postings for full time, summer and part-time employment are continuous throughout the school year. Recruiting and information sessions hosted by various employers are also ongoing.

How can Careerspace help graduate students?

All Careerspace services are available for graduate students. This website also has a section for graduate students.

Visit us for a CV/Résumé critique, a career counselling appointment, or check out our Tip sheets specifically geared towards graduate students.