Awards & Scholarships

The Philosophy Department Awards

The Gadfly Prizes are awarded annually to an outstanding undergraduate in Philosophy in each of the second and third years. The prizes commemorate Socrates' description of himself as one who rouses and reproves the society in which he lives just as a gadfly awakens a sluggish horse (Apology, 30E).

The James Creery Memorial Prize in memory of James Harold Creery, a Trent student of Philosophy in 1972-74, is awarded annually for the best philosophical essay written by an undergraduate at Trent.

Bruce Barrett Memorial Prize is in memory of Bruce Barrett, a former Trent Philosophy student. Several prizes are awarded annually to outstanding students in first-year courses in Philosophy.

The Helen E. McNaughton Prize is awarded to an outstanding student in Philosophy entering 4th year.

The Sophia Prize, established in 1999 to honour Professor Robert Carter on his retirement, is awarded annually to an outstanding third or fourth year student who best exemplifies Philosophy as the love of wisdom.

The Marys' Fund Scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding student entering the final year of the Honours' Program in Philosophy. It has been established in honour of Mary Margaret (Stuart) Beattie and Mary Marjorie (Murphy) Beattie, respectively the late mother and late wife of the donor, David Beattie.

James Middleton Essay Prize in Humanities

Two prizes are awarded annually for outstanding essays by students in their second or third year of study who are pursuing Honours degrees in Ancient History & Classics, History, Philosophy or English Literature. The prizes rotate between Ancient History & Classics and Philosophy in one year, and History and English Literature in the next.

Essay Criteria:

- Original work of student as current-year work, or in the case of a 3rd-year student, work from either the current or 2nd year
- Essays may also be written specifically for this contest
- Minimum of 2,500 words in length or longer
- 12-point type and single-spaced
- Essays will be judged on the following basis: ability to transmit knowledge to a general audience, writing quality and style, clarity of presentation and argument, scholarship, and originality.

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Thesis Eleven Award
Established by colleagues, students and friends, in honour of Professor Emeritus Constantin Boundas and Mrs. Ke-Ryang Choi–Boundas. Awarded to a single-major honours student in Philosophy in second year or higher.