Indigenous Studies Undergraduate Degree and Diploma Programs

Indigenous Studies Undergraduate Programs offer degrees including a Bachelor of Arts (three year) in Indigenous Studies, an Honours Bachelor of Arts (four year) in Indigenous Studies or students may choose the Indigenous Environmental Studies degrees in either the Science or Studies streams.

Indigenous Studies programs encourage students to recognize and revisit societal assumptions; to analyze and critique current realities; to see where we have come from and where we find ourselves today; to where we would like to evolve and how to get there, with a good mind.

Indigenous Studies offers its own theoretical basis of development as well as distinct methodologies. Combining these with the study of a variety of clustered areas of study, the program provides Indigenous approaches to individual, community, national, international and global development.

Programs of Study

  • Bachelor of Arts Program in Indigenous Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts or Science Program in Indigenous Environmental Science
  • Diploma in Foundations of Indigenous Learning
  • Specialization in Niigaaniiwin – The Art of Leading
  • Option in Indigenous Reconciliation & Resurgence

International study opportunities are available to obtain experience and education in a practical and academic setting. Study in Mexico or U.S.A. and learn about Indigenous Peoples of North America or the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico and how we are working together to contribute to the improvement of conditions for Indigenous Peoples the world over.

Practicums and Reading Courses encourage students to take their areas of personal interest to new levels of understanding and knowledge under the guidance and supervision of community members and Indigenous Studies faculty. These important Practicum opportunities provide students with practical job experience and training in positions of responsibility and also allow us individually and collectively, the opportunity to give back to the community through providing helpers to community initiatives.