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Chanie Wenjack School

Gowski College in the moonlight from across the Otonabee river
for Indigenous Studies

Chanie Wenjack School

The Pine Tree Talks

The Pine Tree Talks (talks in the interest of peace) is an annual series of lectures and presentations sponsored by the Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies. The series brings speakers from across the globe to provide perspectives on a wide range of current topics, research they’ve undertaken, books they’ve written, as well as community activities they’re involved in. The series is based upon the Iroquoian ideal that human beings are to use their good minds to foster peace.

They are held through the year and are open to the entire University and local communities.

Past Pine Tree Talks have been given by National Chief Perry Bellegarde, Professor Chris Anderson of the Faculty of Native Studies at University of Alberta, Paul Williams, a well-respected Mohawk lawyer, Rosalie Jones, Indigenous dancer from the United States, Spiderwoman from New York City, among others.

Watch the Pine Tree Talks from November 9, 2017: We Are All Treaty People