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International Development Studies

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International Development Studies

Dr. Feyzi Baban

Associate Professor

Trent University
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7B8

CC G1 
Phone: (705) 748-1011 x 6236
E-mail: fbaban@trentu.ca


Feyzi Baban received his Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science at Carleton University and an MA from the Department of Political Science at Bogazici University. Feyzi specializes in global and comparative politics with an emphasis on globalization theory and critical theories of international relations. Feyzi's main teaching interests are International Relations Theory, Global Politics and Political Theory. His areas of expertise are the Middle East and the European Union. His current research interests include the impact of cosmopolitan theory on normative theories of international relations, the politics of citizenship in late modern societies, and alternative forms of modernity in non-Western cultures. Feyzi is currently working on two SSHRC funded 5 year research projects. The first project investigates why, how and under what conditions some communities in various European countries are more open to cultural difference than others; what types of projects facilitate openness to newcomers and how do citizens and non-citizens participate in these projects in ways that transform understandings of citizenship and belonging. The second project studies humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees and rights claims emerging from legal, political and economic precarious conditions Syrian refugees face in Turkey.

His publications include:

“The Past Is a Different City: Istanbul, Memoirs, and Multiculturalism”, published in Istanbul: Living with Difference in a Global City, by Nora Fisher Onar, Susan Pearce and Fuat Keyman (forthcoming in fall 2017)

"The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Temporary Protection and Precarity in the Turkish Context" with Suzan Ilcan and Kim Rygiel, International Journal of Migration and Border Studies. (forthcoming in fall 2017)

“Playing Border Politics with Urban Syrian Refugees: Legal Ambiguities, Insecurities, and Humanitarian Assistance in Turkey” with Suzan Ilcan and Kim Rygiel, Movements (forthcoming in fall 2017)

" Living with Others: Fostering Radical Cosmopolitanism through Citizenship Politics" with Kim Rygiel, Ethics and Global Politics (forthcoming in winter 2018)

"The Syrian Refugee Crisis: The EU-Turkey "Deal" and Temporary Protection" with Suzan Ilcan and Kim Rygiel, under review, submitted in August 2016 to Global Social Policy

“The Syrian Refugee Crisis: The EU-Turkey “Deal” and Temporary Protection”, Global SocialPolicy, with Kim Rygiel and Suzan Ilcan November 2016, Vol.16(3), pp. 315-320

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