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International Development Studies

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International Development Studies

The Experience

Why IDS at Trent?

Today, the 85 richest people in the world have a combined wealth that is equal to that of half of the rest of the world's people.

Why is the world so unequal? How has the emergence of a global market economy influenced this inequality? How are complex global forces experienced in people’s everyday lives?

International Development Studies at Trent is an interdisciplinary program that studies human inequality in global perspective. Taking a comparative approach, it examines the sources and consequences of such inequality, looking at economic, cultural, political, historical, gender, environmental and social dimensions.

We pay particular attention to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations, especially those of Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America, regions increasingly known as the ‘Global South’, and their complex relations with the most powerful regions, groups and international organizations. As Canada’s first IDS program, it remains in the forefront with its coherent curriculum and dedicated faculty.

Our Unique Year Abroad Programs

IDS at Trent offers unique year abroad programs that provide students the opportunity to spend a full academic year in either Ecuador or Ghana. Students who participate in the year abroad program generally do so in the third year of an honours degree.

Trent-in Ecuador Participant

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Trent-in Ghana Participant

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International Development Studies Student


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