Colleges and Student Services Committee

The Colleges and Student Services Committee (CASSC) is a standing advisory committee to the Associate Vice President Students. CASSC recommendations are forwarded by the AVP Students to the appropriate Vice President (Academic, Administration or External Relations and Advancement).

CASSC Terms of Reference

Ancillary Fee Protocol

CASSC Motion Form

Documents and Minutes

CASSC Members 2019-2020
Committee Chair  Melanie Buddle
Associate Vice President Students  Nona Robinson
Secretary Lesley Hulcoop
Lady Eaton College Representative

Gytha Chapman
Otonabee College Student Representative

Ryan McNeil-Smith
Gzowski College Student Representative Ajaydeep Singh
Champlain College Student Representative Adrianna Long
Traill College Student Representative

Jaime Waite 

Trent Central Student Association Rachel Smylie
Trent Graduate Students Association Sandra Klemet-N’Guessan
Director of the Student Wellness Centre Stewart Engelberg
Director of Food Services Mark Murdoch
Trent International Representative Jessica Evans
Trent University Native Association Jessica Frappier

Campus & Co-Curricular Programs Coordinator Johanna Hart
Trent International Students Association

Ropafadzo Mungwari