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Past Lectures


Kidd Lecture: “Methodological Issues: Typology of Paleoindian Projectile Points & Reconstructing Iroquoian Social Organization” -- Dr. Claude Chapdelaine (Professor Emeritus – Université de Montréal, Anthropology)
22 November 2018

Trent University Durham Anthropology: "Skull diversity within the Homo lineage" -- Dr Lauren Schroeder (University of Toronto Mississasauga)
27 March 2018

Kidd Lecture: “Faunal Perspectives on Economic, Social and Ritual Change in Mediterranean Prehistory.” -- Dr. Jacqueline Meier (Post-Doc – Trent University, Anthropology)
4 April 2018

Kenneth Kidd/Richard B. Johnston Lecture: "Paleoeskimo Demographic History (ca. 4800-800 B.P) in the Canadian Arctic and Its Relationship to Mid-Late Holocene Climate Variability" -- James Savelle (McGill University)
20 March 2018

Kenneth Kidd/Richard B. Johnston Lecture: "Archaeology of the Franklin Expedition: The Wrecks of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror" -- Charles Dagneau (Parks Canada Underwater Archaeology Team)
6 March 2018

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Skeletal Variation, Behaviour, and Ecology: Interpreting Human Adaptability and Resilience in the Past" -- Dr Jay Stock (University of Western Ontario)
6 February 2018


Trent University–Durham Anthropology: "Wild Nights: Sleep and Human Evolution" -- Dr. David Samson (Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto Mississauga)
30 November 2017

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "From Hunter-Gatherer Landscapes to Inuvialuit Living History: Evolving Approaches to Community Archaeology in the Western Arctic" --- Dr. Lisa Hodgetts, University of Western Ontario
8 November 2017

TUARC Lecture: "Dying to Explore: The Archaeology of John Franklin's Last Expedition" -- Professor Robert Park, University of Waterloo
1 November 2017

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: “Current Perspectives on the Dawn of Farming in China” - Professor Gary Crawford, University of Toronto
17 October 2017

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Archaeology, Ethnography and Radiography: Tracing Ceramic Traditions in the Lake Titicaca Basin, Bolivia" - Dr Andy Roddick, McMaster University
28 February 2017


Kenneth Kidd Lecture: “Reclaiming the Museum: Indigenous communities as part of the continuing evolution of institutions” - Meredith Vasta, PhD, Collections Steward at the Harvard University Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians.
24 November 2016

Richard B. Johnston Lecture: “Archaeology and actualistic taphonomy in the plains, coastal and highland environments of the Pampas, Argentina” -- Daniel Rafuse, Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires and Trent University Visiting Research Fellow
22 November 2016


Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Diet Choice in the Land of Plenty: Gobi Desert Hunter-Gatherers and the Broad Spectrum Revolution" - Dr Lisa Janz, Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Anthropology
25 November 2015

"The Archaeology of the 1845 Franklin Expedition - New Evidence and Questions" - Dr Douglas Stenton, Director of Heritage, Government of Nunavut
14 October 2015

Trent Durham Anthropology Lecture Series: "Marvels of Madagascar: An Anthropologist’s Guide to Conservation in Madagascar" - Travis Steffens, PhD candidate, University of Toronto
14 October 2015

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "From Forgotten Ruins to World Heritage Site: Archaeology, Value, and Heritage at Copán, Honduras" - Dr Lena Mortensen, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Toronto Scarborough
26 March 2015

Trent Durham Anthropology Lecture Series: "Respect and Prospect: Dialects of Morality among Muslim Youth in Coastal Kenya" - Dr. Sarah M. Hillewaert, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Toronto Mississauga
12 March 2015

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Dramatic New Evidence for Early Stone Age Seafaring From Crete: The Evidence from Plakias and Damnoni" - Professor Thomas F. Strasser, Providence College
12 March 2015

"Neandertals: Who were they?" - Dr Eugène Morin, Trent University
27 January 2015


Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Early Modern Human Exploitation of Mammals in Southwest France 35,000 Years Ago" - Dr Marie-Cecile Soulier, Post-doctoral researcher, Department of Anthropology, Chercheur associé, TRACES UMR 5608, Maison de la Recherche, Université Toulouse II Le Mirail
20 November 2014

Trent Durham Anthropology Lecture Series: "Unorthodox enchantment and psychedelic therapy in the global Santo Daime religion" - Dr Marc Blainey, Post-doctoral researcher, Study of Religion, University of Toronto
12 November 2014

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Short Lives and Forgotten Deaths: Infant Skeletons from the "Baby Well" in the Athenian Agora" - Dr Maria Liston, University of Waterloo
Thursday 20 March, 2014


Trent Oshawa Anthropology Lecture Series: “Trade, Drugs, and Imperial Conquests in Pre-Inka Peru,” - Dr. Véronique Bélisle, Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Anthropology, Trent University
27 March 2013


Trent Oshawa Anthropology Lecture Series: "2012 and the End of the World: A Maya or a Modern Prophesy?" - Professor Helen Haines, Department of Anthropology, Trent University.

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Through a Glass Darkly: Reconstructing Neolithic Interaction via Obsidian Sourcing in the Eastern Mediterranean" - Dr Tristan Carter, McMaster University
26 January 2012


Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Evolution of Skin Pigmentation and Implications for Public Health" - Dr Esteban Parra, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Toronto
24 March 2011

Trent Oshawa Anthropology Lecture Series: "Dying, Death and DNA in the Tutankhamun Lineage" - Dr J. "El" Molto, Professor of Bioarchaeological Genetics, University of Western Ontario
7 February 2011

Trent Oshawa Anthropology Lecture Series: "Civilization before the State" - Justin Jennings, Associate Curator, Department of World Cultures, Royal Ontario Museum
24 January 2011


Trent Oshawa Anthropology Lecture Series: "The Politics of Space and the Performance of Place in Prehistoric Peru" - Dr Ed Swenson, University of Toronto
1 November 2010

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Intercultural Dreaming" - Dr Barbara Tedlock, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, University at Buffalo
8 October 2010

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Sound and Image in Mayan Writing" - Dr Dennis Tedlock, Distinguished Professor, McNulty Prof. in the Poetics Program, Research Prof. of Anthropology, Dept. of English, University at Buffalo
8 October 2010

Trent Oshawa Anthropology Lecture Series: "Recent Discoveries in the First Emperor’s (Qui Shihuangdi) Tomb Complex" - Dr Chen Shen, Royal Ontario Museum
4 October 2010

Trent Oshawa Anthropology Lecture Series: "Reaping the Resources: Stories from Oshawa's History" - Laura Suchan, Executive Director, Oshawa Community
20 September 2010

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Life and Death on an Imperial Roman Estate at Vagnari, South Italy" - Dr Tracy Prowse, McMaster University
16 March 2010

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Socio-environmental Dynamics: A Long Term Perspective From the Ancient Maya World" - Dr Gyles Iannone, Trent University
25 February 2010


Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "‘These pictures are like dictionaries’: Visual repatriation, collaborative anthropology and the Kainai Nation" - Laura Peers, Curator for the Americas Collection, Pitt Rivers Museum, Reader in Material Anthropology at the University of Oxford and 2009 Ashley Fellow at Trent University

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Pots, Brewers, and Hosts: Women’s Power and the Limits of Central Andean Feasting" - Justin Jennings, Associate Curator, Royal Ontario Museum and cross-appointed in the Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Issues in the archaeology of Holocene hunter-gatherers in southernmost Africa" - Judith Sealy, Professor and Head of the Department of Archaeology, and oversees the Stable Light Isotope Laboratory at University of Cape Town, South Africa


Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Images of Consumption: Witchcraft & Enviromentalism in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea" - Dr Sandra Bamford, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Mediating Nature: Japanese Tour Guides in the Canadian Rockies" - Professor Shiho Satsuka, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto

Kenneth Kidd Lecture: "Viral panic, vulnerability and the next pandemic" - Professor Anne Herring, Department of Anthropology, McMaster University


Richard B. Johnston Lecture: "Archaeology, Inuit History, and the Myth of the Aboriginal" - Dr. Robert McGhee, curator of Arctic Archaeology, Museum of Civilization, Ottawa