Anthropology at Trent

The Department of Anthropology consists of 15 full-time faculty divided into three major research areas: Archaeology and Bioarchaeology (11), Sociocultural Anthropology (3), and Linguistic Anthropology (1). Included among the faculty is a Canada Research Chair in Environmental Archaeology (Paul Szpak).

We specialize in:

Human/ environment relationships:

  • Long-term archaeological perspectives on the relationship of human settlement and mobility with resource use, agricultural ecosystems, urbanism, food, and health.
  • Cross-cultural studies of the constitution, use, and meanings of landscape, space, and place

Food, diet, and human health:

  • Long-term, cross-cultural perspectives on diet and human health
  • Food and drink studies

Materiality & the world of things:

  • New Materialism, or semiotic interrogations of the meaning potentials of materiality
  • The production and consumption of material culture, including behavioural chains, usewear, taphonomy, and technological analyses.