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Trent Anthropology and Archaeology undergraduates have gone in every direction imaginable. A review of our alumni includes everything from university academics, consulting archaeologists, teachers, social workers, NGO employees, public servants, marketing managers, museum curators, museum conservators, urban planners, cross­cultural management consultants, nurses, doctors, and union leaders  to name just a few. In the academic world, our students have gone on to study and teach at universities around the globe including University of Chicago, Oxford, Stanford, Concordia, University of Toronto,  York, University of Western Ontario, University of Calgary, University of British Columbia, London School of Economics, McGill, Guelph, Simon Fraser University and Yale University. A small sample of our former students is listed below. 

Jim Aimers, PhD, Specialist in Mesoamerican archaeology, especially Maya art, architecture, and ceramics.  He received his PhD from Tulane University and now teaches Anthropology at the State University of New York at Geneseo.  BA Honours and MA from Trent.

Jaime J. Awe, PhD, is a distinguished Maya archaeologist who oversees all archaeological research & archaeological sites in Belize.  He teaches anthropology at Northern Arizona University.  BA Honours and MA from Trent.

Sofia Castillo worked for three years at the Center for Justice and International Law, a DC-based human rights NGO, then pursued her J.D. from American University, Washington College of Law. BA Honours in Anthropology and International Development Studies from Trent.

Julie Cormack, PhD University of Liverpool, is a specialist in Biological Anthropology (Osteology) and Archaeology (Old World). Her research focuses on early human evolution, especially 
Early­Middle Pleistocene (Sub-Saharan Africa, China, Near East). She teaches Anthropology at Mount Royal University in Calgary. BSc Honours from Trent.

Nicole Couture, PhD, is an archaeologist focusing on the Tiwanaku culture of Bolivia.  After receiving her undergraduate studies from Trent she studied at the University of Chicago and was then appointed a Canada Research Chair at McGill University. BA Honours from Trent.

Kitty Emery, PhD, specializes in Zooarchaeology and Environmental  Archaeology (Mesoamerica) and has worked extensively in Belize and Guatemala.  She is an Associate Curator at the Florida Museum of Natural History, and teaches Anthropology at the University of Florida. BSc Honours from Trent.

Laura Fulton teaches Anthropology at Lester Pearson College of the Pacific in Victoria, BC. She continues to direct many of her students to Trent. BA Honours in Comparative Development Studies and Anthropology from Trent.  

Heather Gill-­Robinson, PhD  University of Manitoba, is a specialist in forensic anthropology, paleopathology and the archaeology of Iron Age Europe.  She also pioneered research with CT scans of "bog bodies" of northern Europe (Germany, Denmark, and UK).  She teaches Anthropology at North Dakota State University. BA Honours from Trent.

Laura Peers, PhD, is an anthropologist and historian of Indigenous peoples. Since 1998 she has been Curator for the Americas collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum, and a Reader in Material Anthropology in the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography at the University of Oxford.  BA Honours in Anthropology and Indigenous Studies from Trent.

Ross Jamieson, PhD, is one of the few North American archaeologists focusing on the colonial era in Latin America. His approach combines expertise in both archival research and archaeological excavation to study historic sites in Ecuador. He teaches in the Dept. of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University. BA Honours from Trent.

Heather McKillop, PhD, is a Maya archaeologist well-known for her research on Maya coastal trade routes and seafaring.  She is the Doris Z. Stone Professor of Latin American Studies in the Dept. of Geography and Anthropology at Louisiana State University. BA Honours and MA from Trent.

Reg Murphy, PhD, is a distinguished Caribbean archaeologist and is the Director of Heritage Resources for the National Parks Antigua.  He is actively engaged in multiple research projects in Antigua. BA Honours and MA from Trent.

Andrew Nelson, PhD, is an expert in Peruvian bioarchaeology, hominid growth and development, and the study of mummified remains using non-destructive imaging techniques. He is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Western Ontario. BA Honours from Trent.

Christine White, PhD and Canada Research Chair, University of Western Ontario is a distinguished Maya bioarchaeologist and a leading authority in isotope analysis. BA Honours and MA from Trent.

Lori Wright, PhD, specializes in Biological Anthropology (isotope analysis, diet, paleopathology) and Archaeology (Mesoamerica). She has worked extensively in Guatemala and Belize (Maya
subarea), and currently teaches Anthropology at Texas A & M University. BSc Honours from Trent.