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Ancient Greek & Roman Studies

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Ancient Greek & Roman Studies

Hugh Elton

Professor & Program Coordinator

Office:  Lady Eaton College S107
Phone:  748-1011, ext. 7838
E-mail:  hughelton@trentu.ca

  • B.A. (Sheffield), D.Phil. (Oxford)
  • Prof. Elton specializes in Roman and Late Roman political and military history, and the regions of Cilicia and Isauria in southern Turkey.
  • He has participated in a number of archaeological projects, most recently running a multi-period interdisciplinary survey in the GöksuValley near Alahan, and providing advice about best practice for the archaeology of the BTC pipeline.
  • Prof. Elton has taught in the Ancient Greek and Roman Studies programme since 2006. His teaching has included courses on the Trojan War, the history of the Roman world (including a number of upper-year courses focusing on the Late Roman Empire in the East), ancient warfare, Isauria, Anglo-Saxon England, Greek and Latin.
  • Prior to his arrival at Trent, Hugh taught at a number of American Universities since 1993, and from 2001 through 2006 served as Director of the British Institute at Ankara.
  • In 2016-2017, Prof. Elton will be on sabbatical

Recent Publications

“Olive Oil and Wine Production in Isauria: Results from the Göksu Archaeological Project in Turkey”, in Diler, A. Şenol, K. and Aydınoğlu, Ü., eds., Olive Oil and Wine Production in the Eastern Mediterranean during Antiquity (Izmir, 2015), 41-50.

“Military Developments in the Fifth Century”, in Maas, M., ed., Cambridge Companion to the Age of Attila (Cambridge: CUP, 2015), 125-139.

“Writing the Histories of Romans and Arabs in the Fifth-Century Roman East”, in Dijkstra, J. and Fisher, G. eds., Inside and Outside: Views of the Late Roman Empire (Peeters, 2014), 233-245.


Recent Presentations

May 2016. “Gaming in the Classroom in 2016”, Tech and Teaching Day, Trent University

April 2016. “The settlement at Alahan: an example of dispersed urbanism?”, Kırsal ve Kent (City and Countryside) conference, Mersin University, Turkey

October 2015. “Changing Patterns of Urbanization in Roman Isauria”, Turk Tarih Kurumu conference, Muğla, Turkey

October 2015. “Siege Warfare in Late Antiquity”, AIA-Canadian War Museum, Ottawa

April 2014. “The Changing Landscape of Euchaita: some results from the Avkat Archaeological Project”, Landscape dynamics and settlement patterns in Northern Anatolia during the Roman and Early Byzantine period, Amasya, Turkey

March 2014. “Changes in Routes in the Göksu Valley between the Bronze Age and the Karamanids”, Pathways of Communication: Roads and Routes in Anatolia from Prehistory to Seljuk Times, Ankara, Turkey

October 2012. "Writing the Histories of Romans and Arabs in the Late Roman East," to be presented at Inside and Out: Interactions between Rome and the Peoples on the Arabian and Egyptian Frontier in Late Antiquity, University of Ottawa & Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.