Faculty & Research

Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Hugh Elton

Program Coordinator B.A. (Sheffield), D.Phil. (Oxford)

Prof. Elton specializes in Roman and Late Roman political and military history, and the regions of Cilicia and Isauria in southern Turkey.

E-mail:  hughelton@trentu.ca

Dr. George Kovacs

​Assistant Professor

B.A. Ancient History & Classics (Trent), M.A. in Classics (Memorial), Ph.D. in Classics (Toronto)

Prof. Kovacs specializes in Greek poetry of the Archaic and Classical periods, with special interests in Greek and Roman drama and stagecraft, and in the reception of Greek myth in modern popular culture.

E-Mail:  gakovacs@trentu.ca

Dr. Richard Last

Assistant Professor

B.A. Ancient History, (York), M.A. in Early Christianity (McMaster), Ph.D. in Religions of Mediterranean Antiquity (Toronto)

Prof. Last specializes in Greek history and Greek language, with special interests in religions of Mediterranean antiquity.

E-mail: richardlast@trentu.ca


Associated Faculty

Dr. Rodney Fitzsimons 

BA, MA (University of Toronto), PhD (University of Cincinnati)

Professor Fizsimons has been at Trent University since 2004, first as a member of the Department of Ancient History & Classics (2004-2015).

EMail: rodneyfitzsimons@trentu.ca

Dr. Jennifer Moore

Associate Professor

B.A. (Classical Archaeology, Wilfrid Laurier University), M.A. and Ph.D. (Classical Studies, McMaster University)

Jennifer P. Moore joined Trent University in 1999. She is a Mediterranean archaeologist with particular interest in the multi-cultural heritage of ancient North Africa

Email: jmoore@trentu.ca


Professors Emeriti

Dr. David F. R. Page

Professor Emeritus

David F.R. Page retired from the Department of Ancient History & Classics at Trent in 2007. Professor Page taught at Trent for 39 years.

Email: dpage@trentu.ca

Dr. Ian C. Storey

Professor Emeritus

Honours B.A. (Trinity College, Toronto), M.A., Ph.D. (Toronto), M.Phil. (Oxford).

Prof. Storey's areas of research interest include Old Comedy, the plays of Euripides, ancient fiction (especially Lucian), and the life and fiction of C.S. Lewis.

E-Mail: istorey@trentu.ca


Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Martin Boyne

Part-Time Instructor

B.A. (Trent), M.A. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Lancaster)

Martin Boyne has interests in Greek drama, as demonstrated by his formation of the Classics Drama Group in 1993.

E-mail:  mboyne@trentu.ca

Jackie Tinson 

Part-Time Instructor

B.A. (Trent); M.A. (Queen's)

Jackie's interests are the history of the Late Republic and Early Empire, the games and shows in the Circus and Arena, and gender issues in the ancient world.

E-mail:  jackietinson@trentu.ca

Academic Administrative Assistant

Kathy Axcell

​Academic Administrative Assistant

B.Sc Anthropology (Trent University)

Kathy has worked at Trent in a secretarial capacity since 1988, has been with AHCL/AGRS since 1993 and became a Trent grad in 2010.

E-mail:  ahc@trentu.ca