Parents & Guardians

The following information is intended to assist parents and guardians with questions they may have about their student’s academic record.  Please note that our policies are published in the Academic Calendar. The calendar is a comprehensive resource that students, parents and guardians should refer to first for specific questions about University policies.

Privacy Protection & Release of Information

Due to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), personal information cannot be released to anyone other than the student without the student's signed consent. This includes parents, guardians, relatives, instructors, public and private organizations. Students wanting to give authorization for others to contact the Office of the Registrar on their behalf must complete the Release of Information form found in myTrent.

Release of Information Form

  1. Student logs into myTrent.
  2. Clicks on the Academics tab.
  3. Finds the Release of Information form under Forms.
  4. Clicks on the link to Add or Release Name.
  5. Completes the form with the required information.
  6. Checks off the Release Academic Records box and submits the form.

Course Registration

Course registration for the full academic year (September-April) opens in June. We use a Priority Registration Schedule that allows students, who are closest to graduating first, to access course selection and registration.  There is no priority schedule for summer course registration, which begins in February.

Verification of Enrolment 

A Verification of Enrolment (VOE) serves as an official copy of the student's registration as a full-time or part-time undergraduate student at Trent University.  This document includes student name, student number, program, how many credits they have completed to-date and how many credits in which they are currently registered.  It also clearly states full-time or part-time status, as well as in which year of the program they are, based on credits.  This document bears the signature of the University Registrar and the official university seal.

Students must be registered in courses before they are able to order a VOE.  The VOE must be ordered online by the student and can be found in myTrent under Academics > Forms.

A VOE can be used as proof of enrolment for the student's Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), student chequing account or line of credit, insurance provider, government agency such as Service Canada (CPP benefits), high school scholarship committees, or other non-Trent scholarships.

Tuition Fees & Refunds

Please visit Student Accounts for information regarding tuition fees, refunds, etc.

Scholarships & Awards

Please visit Financial Aid.

Tax Forms

Please visit Student Accounts for information regarding T2202A and other tax-related forms.

Key Communications from the Office of the Registrar

Mid-Year Review Notification

  • The mid-year review notification is sent out in mid-January.  It is an invitation for students to review their mid-term and final grades and to seek academic support, if necessary.

Notice of Academic Standing

  • All students will be notified of their academic standing in early May, after final grades have been released. Information on how standings are determined can be found in the Academic Calendar under Academic Status.