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President Groarke and colleague in kayaks in Otonabee River

Office of the President

Office of the President

T.E.W. Nind Endowment Fund

Terms of Reference

The T.E.W. Nind Endowment Fund was established to honour former Trent President Tom Nind. This fund is to be used at the discretion of the President, and each President has set out the priorities for its use during his or her term.

Projects will be eligible for support from the Nind Fund if it can be demonstrated that they will enhance campus life. Those projects that are potentially of interest to broad segments of the university community will be particularly welcome. Nind Fund support will be granted to assist in bringing people and events to Trent or in organizing special projects. Events, programs, conferences, services, etc., in order to be eligible, should be open to, and likely to appeal to, all segments of the university and where appropriate, the wider Peterborough and Oshawa communities. Applications for faculty, staff, or student travel will not normally be considered. Proposals that will enhance the formal academic programs of the University will not usually be supported by the Nind Fund. Applicants should be aware that the President’s Office aims to spread the available funds across our campuses, programs and stakeholders. To ensure that there is room for new initiatives, the Fund does not normally fund the same projects over more than two years.

The Nind Fund will provide support in amounts not normally in excess of $500.

Applications from students, faculty and staff are invited and should state: the purpose and benefits of the project to Trent; a full description including dates; a complete balanced budget, including all anticipated sources of revenue (Nind Fund and other) and expenditures; and names of all organizers. Applications should be addressed to the President and submitted to the Office of the President, Bata Library. Applications will be considered at any time of the year.

All events at Trent University are required to have a risk and safety plan.  If you are an employee at Trent please make sure you have followed the procedures of the Activity Risk Management Policy. For student-organized activities you must follow the student event risk management procedures found at Current Students - Event Planning & Risk Assessment.

Revised September 2018