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Physics & Astronomy

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Physics & Astronomy


The Trent Advantage 

Discoveries in physics and astronomy continue to broaden our understanding of the universe and advance space exploration, speed up communications, assist medical and environmental fields, and lead to new innovations such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and high-density computer memory. You will learn to bring abstract yet powerful concepts to life, ask important questions about the most basic particles and forces in nature, and apply what you learn to complex systems such as novel quantum materials and celestial bodies.

Program Options

B.Sc. Physics

This program is ideal for students who want a strong training in the core science of the natural world, complemented by courses in disciplines such as mathematics, chemistry and computer studies. All scientific and technical advances, from MRI machines to electric cars and their battery technology, rely on the concepts of physics for their development.

B.Sc. Chemical Physics

This program is intended for students who want a strong grounding in physics, chemistry and mathematics, and who wish to enter the workplace or advance to further studies as a chemical physicist. This suits those interested in future technical and research positions in fields such as nanotechnology, quantum computing, or materials science.

B.Sc. Computing Systems and Physics

This program is a sequence of inter-related and mutually-supportive courses that compose an integrated whole. It is particularly suited to students with an interest in hardware aspects of modern technology, such as computer process control, sensor development, and quantum computation and cryptography.

Mathematical Physics

Physics is core science of the natural world, and mathematics is the language of physics. This program develops experience with the central theoretical frame-works of physics and facility with mathematical methods which form the foundation and tools of physics. It is particularly suited to students who wish to apply their strong mathematical aptitude in the exploration of the ideas of physics, and is excellent preparation for graduate work in computation and modelling.

Joint-Major Programs

Students may also take a joint major between almost any two programs at Trent; some popular choices include Physics-Geography, Physics-Environmental Science, and Physics-Biology.