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Current Students

Department Resource Room

The Department of Philosophy has a wide selection of philosophical resource materials for students to peruse in our Resource Room which is located at Lady Eaton College, S118.

Bata Library Resources

The Past Masters CD-ROM has been loaded onto one of the CD ROM Work Stations on the main floor of the library near the Reference Desk. By just clicking on the icon, one can access: The Complete Works of Aristotle; The Continental Rationalists; British Philosophy: 1600-1900; Political Philosophy: Machiavelli to Mill; and The Complete Works of David Hume.

Philosopher's Index

The Philosopher's Index is an abstracting and indexing service available on line at the Trent Library. From the search screen, look for E-Resources and online indices. You can find the Philosopher's Index by listing resources by subject, choosing philosophy. Note that to search the index from home, you will have to follow the directions for off campus browsing.

The Academic Skills Centre

Academic Skills can help with your reading skills, essay writing, time management, study skills, grammar, and more. Maged el Komos of Academic Skills has published a handbook on reading philosophy.