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Materials Science

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Materials Science

Faculty & Research

Trent University Faculty

Please apply to Trent University if you wish to be supervised by the following faculty:


Igor M. Svishchev, Professor
Theoretical and experimental investigation of supercritical water and its many applications including SCW-oxidation technology. 
Email: isvishchev@trentu.ca

Andrew Vreugdenhil, Associate Professor
Development and characterization of hybrid organic-inorganic materials for applications in sensors, coatings and interface modification. 
Email: avreugdenhil@trentu.ca

Mark Parnis, Professor
First-principles modelling of physico-chemical properties of chemicals, primarily using the COSMO-RS methodology.
Email: mparnis@trentu.ca

Physics and Astronomy

Bill Atkinson, Professor, Condensed Matter Physics
Computational and theoretical models of high temperature superconductors and strongly correlated electronic materials. 
Email: billatkinson@trentu.ca

Suresh Narine, Professor, Biomaterial Physics
Biomaterials precursor synthesis, formulation and materials characterization. 
Email: sureshnarine@trentu.ca

Ralph Shiell, Associate Professor, Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 
Atomic, molecular and optical physics, the manipulation of quantum states using laser radiation. 
Email: ralphshiell@trentu.ca

Alan Slavin, Professor Emeritus, Condensed Matter Physics 
Email: aslavin@trentu.ca

Aaron Slepkov, Associate Professor, Biomaterial Physics
Photonic characterization and imaging of biomaterials. 
Email: aaronslepkov@trentu.ca

Rachel Wortis, Associate Professor, Condensed Matter Physics
Condensed matter theory: superconductivity and strongly correlated electrons. 
Email: rwortis@trentu.ca