Indigenous Environmental Studies and Sciences

Students may complete a B.A. in Indigenous Environmental Studies or a B.Sc. in Indigenous Environmental Science. The program also offers a Diploma in Indigenous Environmental Studies and Sciences, which is intended for students of Indigenous ancestry who may be interested in specific education opportunities or a pathway to university degree. In addition to the program requirements listed for each respective option, students must also satisfy the University degree requirements. For additional details please refer to the current Academic Calendar

For students that are having difficulties completing their IESS degree due to course conflicts please contact


Students who have earned the Diploma in the Indigenous Environmental Studies and Sciences Program may apply for admission to the B.A. or B.Sc. degree programs. Credits earned in the Diploma program are transferable to the General or Honours B.A. and B.Sc. degrees.

Indigenous students seeking admission to this or other University programs should contact the Aboriginal enrollment advisor in the First Peoples House of Learning to inquire about getting special assistance with the admission process.

There is no option to pursue a joint-major in Indigenous Environmental Studies and Science and Indigenous Studies or a joint-major in Indigenous Environmental Studies/Science and Environmental & Resource Science/Studies.

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