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International Development Studies

A group of students huddles together in a classroom, wearing blue t-shirts, smiling at the camera

International Development Studies


Student Association for International Development

The Students Association in International Development (SAID) strives to link the experiences of learning about, discussing, debating and acting upon issues relevant to developing countries and Indigenous communities. As a group, we're investigating the connection between learning about global issues and using that knowledge to affect change; through action and education we endeavour to raise awareness of development issues and the existence of alternatives to economic globalization.

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Community Movements Conference

SAID's largest event of the year is an annual conference. Entitled the Community Movements Conference series, the weekend-long event takes place in the Winter term. Among the participants in SAID conference are students, activists, academics from Canada and around the globe. A key objective of the conferences has been to deepen communication and promote solidarity both locally and globally through workshops, dialogue and critical reflections on challenges in international development.

This years conference:

Sadleir House
February 2nd - 3rd, 2018

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SAID Co-Chairs

Jenn MacDonald - jennifermacdonald@trentu.ca

Samantha Groulx - samanthagroulx@trentu.ca

Taylor Holmes - taylorholmes@trentu.ca


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