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School of Graduate Studies

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School of Graduate Studies

Fees & Funding

Fees are subject to approval by the Trent University Board of Governors and the yearly fee schedule is posted by September of each academic year.  Fees for graduate studies are billed per term and fees are based upon year of entry into a graduate program at Trent University.  Review the Graduate Academic Calendar for further information.

Fee Deadlines for Current Graduate Students

  • September 28, 2017 for the 2017GF (Fall) term
  • January 28, 2018 for the 2018GW (Winter) term
  • May 28, 2018 for the 2018GS (Spring) term

Late Payments

A $75 late payment fee will be levied if the payment is not made by any fee deadline date for any term.


Trent University reserves the right to charge interest on unpaid account balances. Daily interest charges will apply to all balances outstanding after the payment due date and will be added on the first day of each month until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Visit the Financial Services website for more information.

Graduate Fees

Total average tuition for the academic year is $9,626 - $9,980 (domestic) and $20,166 (international). Tuition is subject to yearly increases. For full details on graduate fees see fee schedules posted below. 

Graduate Student Fees 2017 Fall (excluding M.Ed.)

Graduate Student Fees 2017 Fall M. Ed.

All student support received through awards, research or graduate assistantships is taxable according to the federal and provincial tax regulations. Tax will be deducted by Trent's payroll department from any payments made to students for assistantships.

Sponsored Students

If you are a sponsored student, it is your responsibility to provide your sponsored letter to the Graduate Finance Officer by the fees due date.

Funding Options

  • Financial support for full-time graduate students may be available from a variety of sources.  These include:
  • External scholarships, fellowship and other merit awards from governmental, industrial and other granting bodies in Canada.
  • Internal scholarships, awards or prizes
  • Tuition bursaries, awarded to students based on financial need.  Many bursaries are provided by the generous support of external donors.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs), for teaching, leading seminars and/or laboratory demonstrating.
  • Research Fellowship Awards(RFAs), from supervising faculty members who hold research grants.
  • Internal Funding: Entrance Awards, Research Fellowships, Dean’s PhD Scholarships.
  • Research Assistantships (RAs) with faculty members who hold research grants.
  • Loan from the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Ontario students in need of funding for their education should visit the Ontario Student Assistance Program web site.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships administered by Trent University will be paid through the university payroll office, on a monthly basis. Scholarships awarded for the calendar year are normally paid in three equal installments in September, January, and May.