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Please consult the individual program pages for more information.

Applying to The School of Graduate Studies

Apply to the Trent University School of Graduate Studies online. A secure application system ensures that your submission will reach admissions and your proposed program of study as quickly as possible.

Trent University School of Graduate Studies processes all applications through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC).

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Please take the time to read our application process carefully. 
All information needed is provided below. To ensure applications are fully completed and received by The School of Graduate Studies, please follow these steps. 


Our Application Process:

STEP 1: Review specific program requirements 

We request applicants to carefully review admission requirements for our programs before applying. 

Some research programs require a supervisor to be confirmed prior to applying. Please ensure this requirement is met prior to submitting your final application.   



STEP 2: Prepare your application

Submit your OUAC application and pay your application fee.

A non-refundable application fee of $100 CDN for research programs or $125 CDN for professional programs must be submitted for each program to which you are applying. This fee is payable to OUAC only and cannot be waived or deferred for any applicant (domestic and international). There are no exceptions to this policy. Please note that applications will not be processed or sent to The School of Graduate Studies unless payment is received by OUAC.  

* Once you have completed Step 2 of the application process and the application fee has been paid and processed by OUAC, you will receive an application acknowledgement email from Trent University with your student ID number. Note that it may take up to 5 business days to receive this email. We appreciate your patience during this important process.


STEP 3: Receive acknowledgement email and claim your myTrent Account 

You will receive your student ID and instructions to access your myTrent account in your acknowledgement email. 

Claim your myTrent Account. 

Once you complete Step 3 of the application process, your references will then receive their unique link for recommendation. This cannot be done until this step is completed. A change of referee can be made by the student through their myTrent portal. 

* Please do not submit any documents or send requests about references until you complete Steps 1-3 as you must have your Trent student ID number (not your OUAC Reference Number). 


STEP 4: Upload your required documents

Please refer to your acknowledgment email for detailed instructions on uploading your documents.

You will see a complete list of the documents you are required to submit for admission to your program through your myTrent portal. Please also refer to program pages.

Post-secondary transcripts and graduation certificates (where applicable) of all previous undergraduate and graduate work are required.  This includes transcripts for courses taken on a Letter of Permission, for transfer credit, or on an exchange program.   Transcripts must show all course work completed and grades received.   If applicable, evidence of degree completion is required.

Please note: Transcripts are not required to be official and final when applying to the School of Graduate Studies.   Official transcripts are only required to be submitted if an applicant receives an offer of admission.

Previous or current Trent University students do not need to submit a transcript for degree and course work completed at Trent University.   Transcripts must be submitted for any course work completed at another institution – i.e.) study abroad, letter of permission, transfer credit.


Please allow for up to 5-10 working business days from the date of submission for document status to change in myTrent. 

Track your application and documents through myTrent. Applicants are responsible to ensure that all requirements have been met. The School of Graduate Studies will not send reminders to applicants of outstanding documents. Confirmation of documents received can be viewed by the applicant in the myTrent portal.


STEP 5: Application review

Once you have uploaded all of your required documents, and your referees have completed their reference, your application is complete and ready for review.

All applications will be examined and evaluated by the appropriate graduate programs. Admission decisions are made by individual graduate programs. The timeline for this process will vary by program and will be dependent on the number of applications received. The School of Graduate Studies is unable to provide updates on the status of your completed application. Applicants will be officially notified by email of the action taken on the application. 

*Please note that all admission decisions are final; there is no appeal of admission decisions.   


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Still Have Questions About Your Application, Graduate Admissions or Financial Aid? 

We encourage all applicants to visit our FAQ page for commonly asked questions relating to the application and admissions process.