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Student sitting reading a book one the fourth floor of the library, leaning against a book stand

Future Students

Student sitting reading a book one the fourth floor of the library, leaning against a book stand


Scholarships & Awards

At Trent, we believe in rewarding academic excellence and supporting an accessible education for all.

  • Entrance scholarship GUARANTEE - Achieve an average of 80% of higher and you automatically receive an entrance scholarship
  • WE ARE #1 - You won't find another university in Canada that invests more in scholarships and bursaries than Trent
  • Our in-course scholarships are AVAILABLE EACH YEAR, depending on your Trent average 

National Entrance Scholarship

Our entrance scholarships reward you for your academic achievement - no application required! Achieve an average of 80% or higher and you automatically receive an entrance scholarship.

Entering Average Maximum Scholarship Potential Details
95%+ $12,000 $3,000 X 4 years
90% - 95% $10,000 $2,500 X 4 years
85% - 90% $6,000 $1,500 X 4 years
80% - 85% $4,000 $1,000 X 4 years

Durham Scholars Circle 
NEW FOR 2019

Are you a top scholar with a 90%+ average interested in studying at our Durham GTA campus? You quality for an additional entrance scholarship in your first year valued at $1,500. That brings your total entrance scholarship amount up to a maximum of $4,500! Learn more.


Prestigious Scholarships

Trent University’s Prestigious Scholarships are renewable entrance scholarships that reward 14 outstanding students who demonstrate leadership amongst their peers, involvement in their community, humanitarian efforts or academic successes.

    Entrance Bursaries

    Trent University offers an entrance bursary to students with a financial need who are starting in September and are attending a post secondary institution for the first time. Application forms are posted in the myTrent student portal in the New Students folder under the My Account tab.

    Bursaries, Awards and In-Course Financial Assistance

    Trent University also offers a number of other financial awards to students during their years of study. This "in-course" funding is available as scholarships, bursaries, awards and prizes and is awarded based on a number of qualifying factors including academic standing and financial need.

    Government Funding

    Ontario residents are eligible to receive financial assistance, in the form of grants and loans through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). All Canadian provinces and territories offer similar student funding programs supported by both the federal and provincial governments. Read more at the Trent funding page for more information.