Entrance Scholarships

National Entrance Scholarships for Canadian Students

Attention top scholars! Achieve an average of 80% of higher and you automatically receive an entrance scholarship - no application required!

Get More $$$ Each Year

The best part of all? Trent's national entrance scholarships are renewable each year. Maintain an 80% average and you'll earn a scholarship for each year you are at Trent. With a maximum scholarship potential of $12,000 (or more if you choose to study at our Durham GTA campus), things can really add up. 








95%+ $3,000 x 4 years $12,000
90%-95%  $2,500 x 4 years $10,000
85%-90% $1,500 x 4 years $6,000
80%-85% $1,000 x 4 years $4,000

Durham Scholars Circle
New for 2019! 

Are you a top scholar with a 90%+ average interested in studying at our Durham campus in the GTA? You qualify for an additional entrance scholarship in your first year valued at $1,500. That brings your total entrance scholarship up to a maximum of $4,500. Learn more.