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Environmental & Resource Science

A group of students in winter outwear in the woods in the winter snow
School of the Environment

Environmental & Resource Science

The Experience

Hands on Learning
On-campus, in the community, and out into the world

Something else that sets apart Trent’s educational experience is our commitment to hands-on learning. As an institution set on the banks of the Otonabee and surrounded by 580 hectares of land, Trent offers one of Canada’s most sought-after locations for environmental research. Students are able to conduct on-campus field work, pursue community-based research projects, and take advantage of international study opportunities that offer a global perspective on all things environmental.

The Trent campus features 12 nature reserves—everything from forests and fields to wetlands and farmland.  As a student you will visit these in various courses, where you might talk about an environmental issue, record observations for a lab, or conduct field work.

bench along trent canal nature area walk trent canal nature area trail head in fall  trent nature area trail in winter Lady Eaton trail head in fall 

A commitment to learning and growing together

During your time at Trent, you will have the opportunity to connect with students and faculty members who share your commitment to environmental, economic, and social change. You’ll benefit from becoming part of a community of like-minded peers—relationships that will serve you well during your time at Trent and for many years to come.  And here’s the best part: you don’t have to wait to graduate to start putting your environmental education into action. Students at Trent are involved with a variety of green campus projects – even growing food in our on-campus gardens to supply the student-run Seasoned Spoon Café!