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Awards and Scholarships

Academic Awards

Trent University has a full and diverse program of academic awards designed to foster and reward high academic achievement among its students. Among these are a number of Scholarships and Prizes intended for English majors.

University Scholarships are awarded by the University on the recommendation of the English Department; English Department Prizes are awarded directly by the Department. All of these awards are available to both full-time and part-time students. No applications are necessary.

Application is required for the following prizes:

University Scholarships

THE SYLVIA CHERNEY SCHOLARSHIP  The Sylvia Cherney Scholarship, the gift of the late Harry Cherney and of Brian Cherney and Lawrence Cherney, is named in memory of Sylvia Cherney and is available to in-course students majoring in English Literature with aim of encouraging promise and interest in the study of drama.  Recipients

THE DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH LITERATURE SCHOLARSHIP  This scholarship, the gift of the Department of English Literature, is awarded to the best student entering the fourth quarter of the Honours program in English Literature. Recipients

THE HERITAGE SCHOLARSHIP  This scholarship honours the Curtis and Milburn families, both of whom were very early settlers of the Peterborough area and have contributed continuously to its development. The scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding student entering the final year of Honours in English. Recipients

THE HELEN AND BARNEY SANDWELL SCHOLARSHIP  This scholarship, the gift of the distinguished Canadian publisher B.D. Sandwell, a long-time member of the Trent Board and its chair from 1971 to 1975, and of his wife, Helen, is awarded annually to an outstanding student majoring in English Literature entering the third year of a degree program in English. Recipients

THE MARGARET LAURENCE SCHOLARSHIP  Frequently awarded to English majors pursuing an interest in Canadian Studies, this scholarship, named in honour of the late Margaret Laurence, a former Chancellor of the University, is awarded annually for outstanding achievement in the fields of Canadian literature or Canadian studies. Recipients 

Humanities Prizes

The James Middleton Essay Prize in the Humanities

This is an essay prize for second or third year students in the Humanities, offered in alternating years to students in Classics and Philosophy (Year 1) and History and English Literature (Year 2). In the 2017-18 academic year, one prize will be awarded to the best essay submitted to the competition by a student in the second or third year of an honours program in English Literature, and one prize will be awarded to the best essay submitted by a student in the second or third year of an honours program in History.  Value: $600. Recipients

Department Prizes

THE ROBERT CHAMBERS PRIZE  This prize, established in 1996 to honour Professor Robert Chambers on his retirement, is awarded annually to the best student graduating from the Honours program in English Literature. Recipients

THE TIMOTHY FINDLEY CREATIVE WRITING PRIZE  Created in honour of Timothy Findley and awarded annually, the Timothy Findley Creative Writing Prize recognizes creative writing of special merit by a Trent undergraduate student. In the spirit of Findley's own diverse output, submissions may include fiction, drama, or creative non-fiction. Previously unpublished manuscripts of no more than twenty (20) pages are submitted to the English Department office, Wallis Hall, Traill College by the deadline in April. Those who submit material for consideration must have been registered in at least one Trent course during that academic year. Submissions are adjudicated by a committee of three, two from the university and one from the community.  Recipients

P.K. PAGE CREATIVE WRITING POETRY PRIZE  This prize recognizes the creative writing of poetry by a Trent undergraduate student currently registered at the university. Students are invited to submit unpublished poetry of no less than eight (8) and no more than twelve (12) pages to english@trentu.ca by the deadline in April. Recipients

PAGE IRWIN INTEGRATED ARTS PRIZE  Established by the family, friends and admirers of P.K. Page Irwin to honour her extraordinary achievements in the arts. Awarded to a student who has shown special merit in creative writing and at least one of the other arts. Recipients

THE JANE MCLARTY MEMORIAL PRIZE This prize, given in memory of Jane McLarty, a member of Lady Eaton College from 1987-1990, is awarded annually to a deserving student entering the third or fourth quarter of studies in English Literature. Recipients

THE JOHN PETTIGREW PRIZES  These prizes, established in memory of the late Professor John Pettigrew, are awarded annually for the best student essays submitted in first-year English. Recipients

THE BARBARA ROOKE PRIZE This prize, established in memory of the late Professor Barbara Rooke, is awarded annually to the best student in a 200- or 300-level course in the Romantics. Recipients

THE BARBARA ROOKE TRAVEL PRIZE The Barbara Rooke Travel Prize is awarded annually to a graduating English major with a high average (over 80%) for travel to a significant  literary heritage site or region. The prize funds a student's travel to a  site of his or her choice and includes a cash award of up to $2,000. The total value of the prize will not exceed $3,500. Recipients

THE GAIL NICOLSON WADDINGTON PRIZE Established by friends and family of Gail Waddington, alumna and a Trent English major. To be awarded to an student majoring in English Literature who has demonstrated excellence in the study of poetry. Recipients

THE PUBLIC TEXTS GRADUATE PRIZE Awarded annually to an outstanding student graduating from the MA in English Literature (Public Texts). Recipients

THE ZAILIG POLLOCK GRADUATE BURSARY Awarded to a full-time graduate student in the Masters program in English Literature with high academic standing and financial need.  OTSS guidelines apply. Awarded through  Financial Aid.

For more information, visit Scholarships and Financial Aid.