Accessible Routes and Wayfinding

Accessible Transportation on Trent’s Campus

Students with disabilities requiring accessible transportation on Trent’s campus and between the main campus, the Annex and Traill College, must register with Student Accessibility Services. Both permanent and temporary disabilities will be accommodated, subject to documentation from a regulated health professional outlining functional limitations and establishing need. Students may use accessible transportation for purposes related to their program of study and other University business. For example, students may use accessible transportation to travel between classes, to meet with their instructors (or teaching assistants, academic advisors, etc.), go to the library, or participate in on-campus social events.

Once approved, eligible students will be issued a card from the Card Office with a $300 credit which can be topped up as needed. Students are required to arrange their own accessible transportation through Call A Cab (705-745-2424).

In addition, students who are OSAP recipients may be eligible for the Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) to fund specialized transportation between the school address and the student’s place of residence, if living off campus.