For Faculty & Staff

Careerspace is your partner in providing students with resources, knowledge, and experiences designed to strengthen their education.

​Careerspace is pleased to provide information and support to staff and faculty in areas such as funding for student positions, posting jobs, attending on-campus career events, and career development for students. Through experiential learning, students will discover their passions, build confidence in their futures, and immerse themselves in meaningful education.

As students begin to pursue their futures, Careerspace provides practical resources to help communicate their education to the broader community.

Get involved in students' career development

Careerspace is always looking for ways to link with other Trent departments. Do you have any ideas on how, together, we can help students in their career planning/direction? Whether it's contacting us for an in-class presentation, referring an employer, or recommending a resource for Careerspace, we would love to hear from you.

Are you interested in acting as a mentor for Trent students and recent graduates? Check out TrentUConnect for staff and faculty

Career development activities for students

Refer your students to our services and resources.

Classroom presentations

Contact Careerspace to arrange an in-class presentation. We can simply cover our services in 10 minutes, or provide a longer discussion on the career topic of your choice. Reasonable notice is required for scheduling purposes.

Discipline specific workshops

In collaboration with departments and/or student associations, we can deliver workshops tailored to a specific discipline. We look after the content of the session and ask the department/student association to look after marketing, space and other logistics. Previous workshops have included: Careers in Economics, Careers for Sociology Majors, Résumés for Nursing Students.

Register for an event

Log into the Student Experience Portal - Events Calendar to check out Careerspace upcoming events and workshops.

What is Experiential Learning and what can it do for you?

Experiential Learning (EL) is a part of both the curricular and co-curricular life of the institution, and has been for many years. Students, community organizations, staff, and faculty work and grow together through these deep teaching and learning opportunities. This includes community service learning, community based research, study abroad, placements, practica, internships, and more.