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Bachelor of Arts and Science

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Bachelor of Arts and Science

Bachelor of Arts and Science

Bachelor of Arts and Science - Where do you want to go?

The Bachelor of Arts and Science (BAS) program is designed for students who are fascinated equally by the study of Arts (Social Sciences & Humanities) and the Sciences, and who perform very well across these disciplines. BAS students passionately believe in the need to think critically and communicate effectively, and strive to become key players in the management of overlapping social and scientific complexities in today’s world.

Who Should Consider the B.A.S. Degree?

The BAS program is designed for students who have deep interest and specific goals in both Arts and Science; a BAS degree may be a good option for students who have well-defined interdisciplinary interests, but is not intended for students who do not yet know what they want to study.  The curriculum includes courses in the sciences and the arts (humanities and social sciences), plus interdisciplinary courses that specifically address a range of historical and current topics from multiple disciplinary perspectives.  Students with a BAS degree may be well-suited to enter professional or technical programs such as Medical or Law School, scientific journalism, architecture, physical therapy, speech pathology, education, photography, or library science.  Other options may include further education in multidisciplinary graduate programs such as Interdisciplinary Studies or Environmental Studies.   

Why Trent?

  • Develop skills of inquiry and critical thinking by studying topical issues such as climate change from scientific, social, and humanist perspectives
  • Participate in student-driven research under the supervision of faculty members from multiple disciplines
  • Enjoy the benefits of limited class sizes and extensive faculty interactions

Flexible, Customizable, Individual

Enjoy more degree combinations than any other program at Trent! Create the degree you want.

In addition to four core courses, students must complete at least 3.0 science credits and 3.0 non-science credits, along with courses satisfying the requirements of one of the following:

a) A single-major Honours program

b) A single-major Honours program with a minor in another subject

c) A joint-major Honours program in a humanities or social sciences subject and joint-major Honours program in a science subject

d) A minor in a humanities or social sciences subject and a minor in a science subject 

The Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree also provides students with opportunities to pursue their own research projects, guided and supervised personally by a Trent faculty member. 

Best of Both Worlds

Trent University's Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree is the best of both worlds. Not only is it interdisciplinary and forward-thinking, it is both broad and focused. BAS students will receive a well-rounded education that can be applied locally and globally. Yet BAS degrees can also be tailored and specialized. Graduates can qualify for the professional schools, pursue creative research avenues in preparation for post-graduate study and research, or prepare for unique and specialized careers in interdisciplinary and growing fields such as scientific journalism.

Student Experience Portal

Check out the Student Experience Portal (SEP) where you can:

  • Search for on and off campus job opportuniites
  • Access career resources
  • Search for and document your co-curricular involvement
  • Find on-campus events, workshops, and programs
  • Book appointments with Academic Skills, Academic Advising, or Trent International

Direct access to the Student Experience Portal is available through trentu.ca/sep.

If you have any questions about the Student Experience Portal and it's functions, please contact worklink@trentu.ca.